Focusing on the Whole Child

Academic excellence at the Harold C. Schott Middle School is promoted through instruction that is both rigorous and highly supportive. Building on skills taught during Lower School grades, students are introduced to new concepts in science, math, history, language arts, religion and foreign language. Classes are taught by a caring, dedicated group of instructors who understand the dramatic changes associated with this period of life. Faculty members participate in weekly team meetings to monitor students progress, and to ensure that lesson plans and curricula are fully integrated.

Middle school students develop social values and continue on a journey of spiritual growth through attendance at bi-weekly Mass, daily recitation of our Character Pledge, and participation in Christian Service training. Physical education classes emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork while promoting physical development. The Middle School program includes opportunities for students to participate in art, music, and drama classes and productions that foster artistic expression. Extracurricular clubs and activities help spark new interests and passions.


Middle School Fast Facts

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) classes help seventh and eighth graders make a connection to the skills they learn in the classroom through hands-on projects. STEM also teaches 21st Century skills Summit students need for the tech-dependent jobs students will encounter after college.

Middle School Field Trips

Field Trips

Students turn the real world into their classroom through class trips that complement the academic curriculum. Day trips in the fifth grade, a team-building camp in the sixth grade and excursions focused on The Summit’s mission in the seventh grade culminate with an eighth grade trip to the national’s capitol.


Latin Program

Latin Program

The Summit’s nationally award-winning Latin Club provides a culture within the school that promotes academics. Among the benefits, studying Latin prepares students for analyzing speech, taking tests and studying English. Summit students are consistently among the officers of the Ohio Junior Classical League.