Academic Excellence

The Summit is committed to the total development of students’ minds, hearts, and bodies. Yet first and foremost, we are a school – one that works diligently to maintain a reputation for academic excellence. Our renowned curriculum and devoted faculty, whose tenure averages 20 years, uphold the high standards we have maintained for more than a century.

Our academic program is organized around four schools: the Montessori School (ages 2-6); the Lower School (grades 1-4); the Middle School (grades 5-8); and the Upper School (grades 9-12). The faculty, staff, and directors of each school work together to provide a strong continuum of education attuned to the needs of individual students, with particular attention paid to the transitions between schools. We strive for – and achieve – small class size and excellent teacher/student ratio, which currently averages 1:9.

Our standards yield returns that both our students and their parents desire.

  • Students in every grade level consistently score above the national average.
  • Over the past five years, more than 19% of each senior class has been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program.
  • Our seniors are consistently sought after by universities across the country, win millions of dollars in scholarships every year and are admitted to the best-known public ivies, private colleges and top-tier private universities.
  • Over the past few years, one-fourth of the seniors each graduating class were able to declare Grade Point Averages of 4.0 or above on their college applications.
  • College placement: 100%.

Montessori School – Ages 2-6

  • Only independent school in area offering full Montessori preschool experience.
  • One of a few schools in Greater Cincinnati applying the Montessori philosophy in an educational program for two-year-olds. Two-day, 3-day, and five-day sessions available.
  • Multiple options for two- to six-year-olds to include half-day & full-day academic & enrichment programs in private school setting.
  • Phonics instruction begins at age two accelerating each child's literacy development.
  • The 13-year World Language Program begins in Kindergarten and continues through Grade 12, with exposure to French and Spanish in pre-Kindergarten.
  • Orff Schulwerk early childhood music education approach helps develop areas of the brain involved in language, reasoning and problem-solving.
  • Summit Kindergartners typically score above 90% on national standardized testing.
  • The Signature Enrichment Program includes Cultural Studies, Geography, Science, & Art; research shows children exposed to these areas accelerates curiosity & love of learning.
  • The Summit Portal helps parents monitor their children’s performance and daily activities and be more engaged through customized group features.
  • Summer Camp/Childcare before & after school programs continue child development.
  • Year Round Montessori School program available.
  • Public speaking, theatrical performances & small group collaboration projects develop communication & social skills critical to long term academic success.
  • Kindergartners are reading & writing short stories prior to first grade which leads to an accelerated start in lower grades.
  • Private piano & violin lessons for Kindergartners by accomplished & professional musicians.
  • Summit's celebrated Character Education Program develops self-discipline, empathy, respect for others, honesty, resilience & confidence in each child.

Lower School – Grades 1-4

  • Literacy concentration includes explicit, systematic phonics instruction & exposure to rich literature instilling life-long learning within a culture that values language in all forms.
  • Literacy, Math & Science Specialists work with faculty & students providing enrichment & ensuring focus on each individual learner & maximizing one's potential.
  • Widely praised Summit Writing Program where writing mechanics are taught & research skills are developed.
  • Mathematics program utilizes best research-based practices through National Council of Mathematics & focuses on critical thinking, problem-solving & deep, conceptual understanding.
  • Science Specialist leads curriculum in state-of-the-art science labs where students learn observation, prediction, data collection, experimentation, inference, application of data, interpretation, analysis & how to form a hypothesis.
  • World Language Program includes Spanish & French, exposing students to language & culture.
  • The Summit Portal helps parents monitor their children’s performance and daily activities and be more engaged through customized group features.
  • Leadership & Service Programs where students learn to be good citizens & see the value of applying their talents & intelligence for the good of their community & society.
  • Numerous athletic programs that include football, lacrosse, volleyball & soccer.
  • Fine arts facilities include an art studio with kiln, music studio & access to the school theater.

Middle School – Grades 5-8

  • Extensive writing program which focuses on narrative, descriptive, and expository writing as well as mastery of the formal essay in response to literature, and finally culminating with the 8th grade research paper using the Modern Language Association format.
  • 5th and 6th grade Power of the Pencil program; 7th and 8th grade Power of the Pen teams and several published authors.
  • Literature program strengthens inferential comprehension, evaluation techniques, and creative thinking; concentration in grammar and vocabulary.
  • Math Program designed to integrate critical thinking & problem solving skills necessary for students to take Algebra I & Geometry; Math Specialist supports grades five & six.
  • Inquiry led science instruction within state of the art laboratories & beyond to include Cincinnati Zoo, Woodland Altars, & champion Science Olympiad teams.
  • World Language Program includes Chinese, French, Latin & Spanish with intensive practice in basic language skills, listening, speaking, reading & writing.
  • Expansive Music offerings that include vocal performance, band, & general music classes where students strengthen listening skills, study music history & theory.
  • Art Program focuses on painting, batik, sculpture, animation, architecture, photography & ceramics.
  • Leadership & Character Education programming where students learn to see the value of applying their talents & intelligence for the good of the community & society.
  • Competitive Athletic program with no cut policies which allows every student the opportunity to participate on a team.
  • The Summit Portal helps parents monitor their children’s performance and daily activities and be more engaged through customized group features.

Upper School – Grades 9-12

  • 21st century formalized servant leadership program involving every student.
  • Comprehensive fine arts program that includes Graphic Design, AP Portfolio, Photography, Sculpture, AP Music Theory, Vocal and acappella choral repertoire, ensemble singing, instrumental music and theatre.
  • National Merit Finalists - Highest percent of seniors of any public or Catholic school in Cincinnati.
  • Extensive advanced placement offerings in 20 subject areas with over 88% of Summit students taking courses prior to graduation.
  • Students log over 10,000 hours of service yearly through Christian Community and Service Learning Program.
  • 100% of graduates attending degree granting institutions. Four-person counseling team in a small school setting ensures that each student is guided onto college of best fit.
  • Nationally recognized writing program with yearly published pieces and formal program ensures all students can generate quality college level research. More Summit students have been published in “Concord Review,” literary guide that publishes top 3% of papers submitted nationally from high school students than any other school in Cincinnati.
  • Extensive use of technology to enhance teaching and learning: Smart Board Technology; Apple and PC Computers, Laptops and Tablets; State of the Art Infrastructure for wireless technology; extensive software library.
  • Web-based Summit Portal System makes communication and access simple and paperless: easy access to teachers, grades and homework.
  • Four year Advisory Program ensures that every child is known, understood and proactively guided.
  • Collegiate-style learning center offers enrichment, support and intervention though technology, tutors, peers and an intervention specialist.
  • Highly competitive athletic programs: 22 varsity sports; 80% of freshman play at least one sport; no cut policy.