Community Feedback

Every three years, The Summit undertakes a community survey as part of the accreditation cycle for the Independent Schools Association of the Central States. Feedback from the survey helps administration and faculty measure how well we deliver on our promise to bring out the best in intellect, character and leadership of every student.

Parents surveyed in October 2018 gave The Summit high marks, and in many cases (denoted with a + mark), their ratings were significantly higher than the benchmark for other independent schools. 

Young Alumni Survey
In a separate survey, our young alumni rate their Summit experience higher than peers in benchmark independent schools.
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Parent Attitudes & Perceptions

Parents rated these attributes above the independent school benchmark. (Reflects parents who selected Agree or Strongly Agree.)

Quality of Education

Parents rated these attributes above the independent school benchmark. (Reflects percent of parents who selected Excellent or Very Good.)

Key Departments

Parent ratings of these attributes reflect percent of parents who selected Excellent or Very Good.


Parents surveyed in October 2018 gave the following responses to the prompt:  "The main reason I send my child to The Summit is..." 

The caring community and culture is unique and hard to find anywhere else. It is something that has been cultivated for many years and is not able to be duplicated easily by other schools. The kids are loved by everyone (parents, staff, administrators, teachers), and nurtured and challenged in just the right way to create thriving, confident, purposeful adults. The staff is entirely dedicated to helping each student become the best version of him/her self. We never tire of witnessing the deep, authentic commitment to our kids that this community cultivates at every opportunity. 


A: Everything that we believe in and expect from high school is provided by The Summit. From the first time we looked into The Summit, we have been impressed and trust this community to educate and help form our child into the adult that we want him to become. The opportunities he has at The Summit do not compare to other schools that we considered.

A: The overall quality of education and preparation for college and life is as good as I think possible here in Ohio. My child is happy and feels valued at The Summit which translates to a confident and hard working young person who believes in their own talents and abilities.

A: To get a GREAT education (with emphasis on teaching critical thinking skills) that will enable them to be successful in a very competitive landscape/environment when applying to and attending college.

A: My son is the happiest I’ve ever seen him regarding school. We joined the Summit community during his junior year and it was the best decision. The entire school community welcomed our family with open arms. After completing his first year at Summit, a family friend asked him how he liked it. My son replied that he never knew school could be fun and that he enjoyed going to school. He loves the freedom and trust given to the students and how peers are friendly to everyone and not “clique-ish”.

A: I like the Montessori method of teaching and feel the students are supported at their own levels on up through the grades. I value the Catholic education taught but appreciate that there are many children here of other faiths, which is more true to life than schools that are mostly Catholic. The wide diversity is also a reason we send our children here.

A: I love the character building piece. I also love the religious aspect, although I am not Catholic. I love that French is available in the LS and Montessori and that piano is an option during the school day.

A: I believe it’s a very good school with a good teacher/student ratio. I like how special attention can be given in math if warranted. I also like the fact that Summit has a diverse student population and is 1/3 non-catholic.

A: To be part of a community that values, educates and supports highly ethical, principle/values based behaviors in an accepting religiously based environment. To be in a place that encourages 'aiming high' in all pursuits – academic, spiritual, moral, social, athletic, etc. To gain a great academic education in preparation for college.

A: Character / leadership development and pushing my child to be much more than average. What is "average bar" at Summit is the "outstanding bar" at other schools. Diversity is also very important.

The school provides an excellent combination of academics, service, sports and leadership/character building. Although it is difficult to pay the high tuition, I believe it is worth every penny.

A: The strong academics and attention to the individual child. I think that the small class sizes allow students to go outside their comfort zone and safely take chances to lead. The teachers take an interest in each child and this makes a connection so the student is more motivated to learn. My child cannot imagine having gone to any other high school. He truly loves The Summit.

A: The Summit is a true partner in raising our child in line with our values. The holistic education; the 5 pillars of the mission; the character trait focus for each grade; "aim high"; "to whom much is given, much is expected"; preparing for being a citizen of the world. The small classes; the caring teachers who are accessible and know my child. The caliber of the student body - good kids who care about their grades and each other.

A: The Summit has provided an excellent academic and character-based learning experience. Our goal for our child was that she would be challenged in thought & subject matter and yet, encouraged to be her best. She is confident and developed the skills necessary to be successful in life. The Summit has been a huge part of that & we have not regretted the decision to send her there. The school has lived up to its reputation! A huge thank you!

A: I love the environment. The children that go to Summit are polite – their very demeanor as you run into them talks to the environment at the school and the kind of families that attend. It's a special place!

A: The school is overall an excellent fit for my child's needs and learning style. We appreciate the religious education, size of the school and individual classes and the character and moral lessons taught here. We feel the school focuses on the whole child; intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally. We are all very happy at Summit.

A: Overall the strong academic experience particularly the strong language arts program. The science program has also exceeded my expectations.

A: I think the English department and History department is unparalleled in Cincinnati. They produce excellent and thoughtful writers.

A: We are working parents, and given the choice between day care/nanny and The Summit, we feel that our child is more stimulated intellectually and socially at The Summit. There are not many options for 18-month programs in Cincinnati that offer full day care.

The quality of the education is unparalleled. The well-rounded efforts of all of my daughter's influences are creating a creative and inquisitive child.

A: Our children are very creative and do well in school, but are not necessarily strong athletes. Summit has supported them no matter what their interest, outside of sports (but they have that too!) For the Upper School, we believe the quality of faculty combined with the fantastic college counseling will allow our children to attend and thrive in their dream school. For the Middle School, our children are learning to become independent, to work hard and to be accountable for their actions. This is our third year at Summit (our youngest's first year) and we have watched our children grow in both confidence and academic knowledge. AMAZING!

A: Religious diversity, ethnic diversity (compared to other Catholic schools) and excellent cutting edge education.

A: The high-quality and well-respected Montessori program for toddlers and young children. It has a caring, incredibly gifted faculty that truly care for and are helping to mold my children into caring, thoughtful, academically-minded kids. 

A: Because the Lower School is markedly superior to area public and Catholic schools in its curricular offerings. I love that my child comes home and speaks French and Spanish at the dinner table. The music and art classes are equally commendable. 

A: Small class size, authentic Catholic religious training, Middle School Latin program, Middle School writing program, traditional values, emphasis on character development, varied opportunities, location

The incredibly caring and educated staff, the reputation of this school in nurturing intelligent leaders who balance ambition and ethics beautifully, and the presence of moral ethical thoughtfulness throughout campus.