Young Alumni Survey

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Young Summit alumni rated these aspects of college search higher than their peers in benchmark independent schools.

Most Valuable Aspects of The Summit

Periodically, we conduct surveys of our young alumni to see how well we have prepared them for college and life.  In this survey, we reached out to 382 alumni who graduated from 2013-2016. All of them were accepted into colleges and universities across the United States and abroad. Surveys conducted by the National Association of Independent Schools served as a benchmark. Young alumni rated these skills higher than their peers at benchmark independent schools.

Highly Rated Skills Learned at The Summit

Young alumni rated these skills garnered at The Summit higher than their peers at benchmark independent schools.

"The Summit built my self-confidence in ways I did not know were imaginable. I believe every student had one or more teachers take an interest in them and commit to their development and well-being. That is something the school should take great pride in."

Highly Rated Aspects of a Summit Experience

Young alumni rated these aspects of The Summit experience higher than benchmark independent schools.