The Summit Board of Trustees (2017-2018)

  • P. Stuart Seltman ‘86, Chair
  • Annie Bergeron
  • Sheryl Black
  • Julie Bristow
  • Matt Carcieri
  • Susan Castellini
  • Melanie Chavez
  • Rev. John R. Civille
  • Bob Conway
  • Kim David
  • Kathryn (Stahl) Harsh '84
  • Robert "Bing" Hinton Jr.
  • Ron Joseph BMS '81
  • Lama Khoury
  • Priya Klocek
  • Allison (Hiltz) Kropp '93
  • Josh Lorentz
  • Tim Michel
  • Drew Myers
  • Ty Nelson
  • Joelle Ragland
  • Andy Ritch
  • Cenona Taveras
  • Mirja Zeilstra
SCDS Trustees Group Photo


Buildings and Grounds: Responsible to develop the master plan of the school's buildings and grounds with the staff and outside consultants. Reports to the board periodically on major plant and campus issues and whenever necessary provides board oversight of major building projects.

Business Affairs: Responsible for financial operations, personnel policies and day-to-day planning for improvements of buildings and grounds; provides policies and oversees investment performance.

Committee on Trustees: Selects and nominates candidates for the board, nominates board officers and conducts a yearly board evaluation.

Development Committee: Provides policies, plans and oversight of the school's programs for marketing, fundraising, annual, capital and endowment funds and general relations with alumni, parents, friends and the public.

Diversity Committee: Responsible for the development of the Master Campus Plan to achieve diversity goals the board has established.

Enrollment Management/Marketing Committee: Provides policies, plans and oversight of the school's programs for enrollment management and marketing strategies.

The Board usually meets in August, October, November, December, January, March and May.