Senior Leadership Team

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Kirstin McEachern

Kirstin McEachern

Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs; Interim US Director
Lauren Goebel

Lauren Goebel

Assistant Head of School for Advancement and Community Engagement
1 2 3 > showing 1 - 6 of 13 constituents

Board of Trustees

Pictured: 2023-24 Board of Trustees

Tom Neyer, Chair
Mike Bohmer
Brandon Bray
Mike Buckius
Steve Burns
Bill Davis
Missy (Segal) Fox ’88
Allison Goico

Sam Huttenbauer
Sr. Donna Jurick, SND, PhD
Carolyn Karageorges
Scott Kohlhepp
Wayne Lippert ’89
Bryn Lorentz
Jaime Masters SMS ’98 
Phil McHugh

Marchoe Northern
Jackie Parker
Manisha Patel
Kevin Riley
Wendy (Sutphin) Ritch GMS ‘86
Rev. Philip Seher
Joel Stone

Board of Trustee Committees

Buildings, Grounds and Technology: Responsible to develop the master plan of the school's buildings and grounds with the staff and outside consultants. Reports to the board periodically on major plant, technology and campus issues and whenever necessary provides board oversight of major building projects.
Business Affairs: Responsible for financial operations, personnel policies and day-to-day planning for improvements of buildings and grounds; provides policies and oversees investment performance.
Committee on Trustees: Selects and nominates candidates for the board, nominates board officers and conducts a yearly board evaluation.
Coordinating Committee: Conducts annual review of Head of School and oversees Head of School succession. Recommends committee chair succession to Committee on Trustees. Coordinates committee work and oversees progress on the Strategic Plan.
Development Committee: Provides policies, plans and oversight of the school's programs for marketing, fundraising, annual, capital and endowment funds and general relations with alumni, parents, friends and the public.
Enrollment Management/Marketing Committee: Provides policies, plans and oversight of the school's programs for enrollment management and marketing strategies.

The Independent
School Advantage

Like other independent schools which answer to an independent board of trustees, The Summit has the freedom to determine its own mission and design the programs that best serve students. Read a Q&A on the value of independent schools.

Former Trustees

The Summit is fortunate to have a long history of trustees who believe in our mission and whose experience and expertise has laid a foundation for growth: