Meet Some Faculty

teacher in classroomJulia Almaguer
Lower School Math Specialist

"I often won't tell a student if he's right or wrong. I say, ‘What do you think?' They get used to it. They get used to me very quickly."

teacher in classroomKaren Koch
Montessori Kindergarten Teacher

“I really like the children to understand the big picture and how the world works, so anything they come in contact with, they will be able to understand how to put it in their world and in their mind.”

teacher in classroomMarianne Cramer
Head Librarian

“At The Summit, we really believe in the four-year adviser program. This is the heart of it: Every student has an adult in the building who knows them better than the teacher they have for English or history or math.”

college counselor with studentMaureen Ferrell
College Counselor

“I firmly believe – this is nothing new and I really do believe this with all my heart -- it’s not necessarily where you go to school. It’s what you do when you get on that campus.”

teacher in classroomMegan Rademacher
Middle School Science Teacher

“Memorizing a bunch of facts that might change over time isn’t important to an 11-year-old. It’s the thinking skills, it’s the problem-solving skills we really focus on. The other stuff is important, but I think this is my area of expertise.”

guidance counselorMike Fee
Guidance Counselor

“I meet the needs of each student whether it’s an academic need, a social or emotional need. Whatever the need may be, I’m here to help the students succeed.”

teacher in gardenPat Seta
Lower School Science Teacher

“The one thing that is most important to me is to make sure the kids see the relevance to what they’re doing.”

teacher in classroomRosie Sansalone
Middle School Language Arts Teacher

“I teach my students that valuable lesson — the importance of using the English language effectively, but more so, I use the classroom as a way to teach them the importance of becoming fine individuals of integrity.”