The Summit Magazine

September 2018
Sharing the goodness of God has been The Summit’s faith tradition since the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN) founded our school. Also read about the outcomes of the Class of 2018. 

Winter 2017
With an abundance of performance opportunities on campus giving them confidence in front of a crowd, The Summit’s musicians are appearing around the city as well. 

Fall 2017
Montessori materials or “works” provide a scientifically-backed and engaging way to learn. Boys' and Girls' soccer teams win state titles. Summit hosts 10th annual Early Childhood Education Symposium

Spring 2016
Generation Z graduates reflect on relationships and community in essays that get them into top colleges. Summit's winningest athletic director is inducted into the Girard College Hall of Fame.

Winter 2016
Teachers immersed in neuroeducation change the structure of their student's brains. Fourth grade enter Middle School reading, on average, at mid-year sixth grade level. 

Fall 2015
Eighteen-month-olds join the Montessori Toddler Program and an investment in new equipment develops toddler developing larger muscle functions and motor skills. 

Spring 2015-16
Five Summit students participate in rowing teams. Middle School History Club published its new history magazine. Family Math Night in the Lower School makes math fun.

Winter 2015-16
An curriculum mapping project, international students, European language trip, Global Evening and alumni stories celebrate The Summit's global makeup.

Winter 2015-16
Girls' and boys' soccer teams win double state titles. Look at our renovated science labs and new classrooms.  IGknight develops movement, cognitive skills of babies and toddlers. 

125th Anniversary Edition
We take a special look at the art and architecture of The Summit. Our Robotics Club and an After School Specials LEGO bricks class build excitement over technology and engineering.