About Livestream Learning

The Livestream Learning option at The Summit Country Day School is meant to support members of our community with fragile health conditions, for those living with someone who has fragile health, for those anxious about COVID-19, as well as for those who are quarantined.

1.    Desktop/Laptop/Tablet with audio and video capacity
2.    Headphones
3.    Office 365 (specifically Teams)
4.    Seesaw (grades 1-4)
5.    Portal Access (grades 4-12)
6.    Access to a functional printer (grades 1-12)
7.    Access to a scanner or a scanner app (grades 1-12) 

1.    Livestream learning is an extension of The Summit classroom and, as such, all school rules apply, especially our Acceptable Use Policy to include the provision stipulating that under no circumstances are students or parents allowed to record any portion of the lived streamed session.  We will record the session for those students unable to attend class in person or livestream into the session.
2.    Students will participate in all assessment measures being undertaken in the classroom.  Assessment is how our teachers monitor student growth as well as how they identify areas needing further support. All assessments meant to measure student mastery of curricular standards will be administered to livestream learners during the same period while livestreaming. Assessments meant to measure student growth over time (i.e. STAR, Aims Web, ACT Aspire) will be administered when possible; however, per the testing guidelines provided by the publisher, some of those assessments cannot be administered outside of the classroom.
3.    Some student work will require materials that originate in the school. To accommodate this, The Summit has set up Bishop’s Parlor (to the left as you enter the main entrance to The Summit) as our location to both pick-up as well as drop-off materials for livestream learners. We ask that an adult come to the school to facilitate these materials exchanges.
4.    To support the health goals of our students, all live stream learners will be invited to livestream into all activities, clubs and organizations for which livestreaming is an option. All specials classes will be live streamed with specific instructions from teachers. There will be occasional materials sent home to assist in facilitating livestream learner participation. Dependent upon the activity scheduled for the PE classroom, livestream students may participate in warm-ups and calisthenics and then go offline to engage in agreed upon physical activity.
5.    Each livestream learner will need reliable internet service. They will need a device with a large enough screen for them to see the details of the classroom (i.e. writing on a whiteboard) so that they can fully engage in livestream learning. Students will be asked to utilize headphones to reduce background noise and to be streaming from a space with a neutral, non-distracting background. They will also need a microphone so that they can interact with the class/teacher.  Please be sure your designated livestream learning space has ample light and electricity so that the device can remain plugged in to avoid shutdown.
6.    Livestream learners are asked to log into the session right at the noted start time for the activity or class. This practice will allow a few minutes of time to troubleshoot should there be any issues while joining the session. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class period.  Those livestream learners not logged into the class will be reported as absent so that we can follow up and check-in on any child who was not reported absent for the day.
7.    Students are expected to log into each homeroom or advisement session including academic help periods and communal gatherings for prayer or celebration. During academic assistance periods, MS and US students are expected to remain logged into the session for the duration to ensure that they are available to their advisor and their advisor is available to them. US students in scheduled study halls or unscheduled bells will not be livestreamed into them as those students work on their own even in the building.
8.    The classroom teacher will manage all livestream classes utilizing Microsoft Teams. Students will have access through their Office 365 Accounts or, for students in grades 1-4, Seesaw.


  • The teacher or advisor will open a meeting at the beginning of class inside Microsoft Teams for that class so that students can join from the class’s main Teams page.
  • If a student has been called in absent and cannot attend the class, the teacher will record the class. If all students are attending, whether in person or virtually, the class will not be recorded.  Recorded classes will be saved for two weeks from the date of the live session.
  • The teacher will make sure that the video and audio are connected so that students can hear and see what is going on inside the classroom and can speak to the teacher and the class.
  • The teacher will communicate to the livestream students how to submit work done during class and how to submit homework.
  • The teacher will communicate how livestream learners will take assessments for the class.
  • Teachers will leave necessary texts/materials in the Bishop’s Parlor for student pickup. For international students, teachers will communicate what needs to be purchased or accessed digitally.


  • Students will attend class live unless they are sick or are in a time zone where the class is occurring in the middle of the night. Students who are sick will make sure that their parents call them in sick to their divisional office just like they would if they were taking classes in the building. 
  • Students will have their cameras on and mute their microphones when they are not speaking. 
  • Students will remember they are in class even though they are at home and behave accordingly. Find an appropriate place in your home that is not distracting to you or your teacher, and dress in an appropriate manner. Summit spirit wear is encouraged.
  • Students must have available pens/pencils/paper and be prepared to scan in their work and/or assessments to immediately send to the teacher. Students will use tools such as the Microsoft Office scanning app. Office Lens will connect to your Summit Microsoft email and your OneDrive account where you can share to a teacher or create a pdf that you can email your teacher. 
  • Students will login and attend homeroom/advisement and Gathering/Activity Bells that are happening for their grade just as they do for classes. Depending on how the class is gathering, these activities will be streamed through either the Grade Level or Advisement group on Microsoft Teams. The advisor will serve as the contact for the student about these activities. It is important that students maintain these connections during this period outside of classroom time. 
  • Students will need to obtain the necessary materials for the class. For students in Cincinnati, teachers will leave books/materials in the Bishop’s Parlor for pick up. Students who are out of the country will receive information on the necessary materials/books to obtain or, if possible, sent digital versions of readings.


  • Specific instructions for grades 1-4 will be sent out after we do our onboarding with See Saw. For now, students in grades 1-4 should follow the directions noted below for grades 5-12.


  • Login to your Office 365 account, open Microsoft Teams, download the app onto your computer.  This gives the student direct access without the need to login to Office 365 each time, and the student can see more people when using the app directly.
  • Click on Teams on the left side of the screen and find the class you need to attend in your list of Teams. Click into the class. If there are multiple channels listed indented under that class, make sure that you then click on General so that you are on the General page. 
  • Scroll down until you find the class meeting in blue with the word “Join.” If you login too early, and you do not see the word join, you will need to wait for the teacher to start the meeting.
  • The pop-up screen will come up that shows what you look like from the point of view of the teacher. Make sure the camera is on and your microphone is muted, then click “Join now.”
  • Once you are in, you can hover over the middle of the screen to get the symbol to raise your hand and to turn your microphone on if you need to ask a question. The teacher should be able to hear you. 
  • Click the three dots to get a list of other options like “full screen” to make your screen bigger to be able to see better or “turn on live captions” if it helps to see what is being said.
  • To the right of the icons that appear when you hover, there is a red telephone. This is how you hang up at the end of class. Make sure that you hang up at the end of each class before you go to the left to click on Teams to find your next class.
  • Remember that the order and times that each class meets can be found in the Portal under schedule. 


  • Materials required to be picked-up from the Bishop’s Parlor (main entry to The Summit, first door on the left) will be ready on Fridays by noon.  Your child’s teacher will let you know whether there are materials needing to be picked-up or dropped-off.


  • Students unable to attend the live session via livestream will need to log into their Microsoft 365 account, click on Teams and select the groups for which they need to watch the recorded class session.


  • If a student has difficulty logging into a livestream session, he/she should reach out to his/her teacher.  Should more support be needed, please see options noted below.





  • techhelp@summitcds.org