Dining Services Protocols

Food service at The Summit has always been a source of pride, and we are one of the few remaining schools which employs its own staff and prepares nutritious and balanced offerings at a reasonable price. After much study and discussion, the following protocols will be put into place with regard to dining services. These protocols have been informed by guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the State of Ohio to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our students, faculty and staff.  

Social Distancing

  • There will still be some dining in classrooms in order to maintain a healthy social distance.  Some students will eat lunch in their classrooms to avoid the peer-to-peer contact that happens when the dining halls become crowded.
  • Nuts, peanuts prohibition: Eating in the classroom will not allow us to separate sufficiently the children with nut and peanut allergies the way we can in the dining halls, so the entire campus will be nut and peanut free.
  • Students who pack their lunch may not bring nuts or peanut butter sandwiches into the building.
  • SunButter sandwiches, which are a reasonable substitute for peanut butter, will be available in all divisions as a lunch option. 

Menu Options 

The school will continue to provide balanced and nutritious offerings with at least one hot main course each day.  

  • Montessori (all but Toddlers & Kindergartners): Lunch will be pre-ordered online through the PayPAMS ordering system, and delivered to the classroom. Teachers will distribute ordered meals to students.  Like last year, parents will place orders through the PayPAMS ordering system. We will have a 4-week rotating menu this year.  Parents will be able to place orders for all 4 weeks at one time.  Downloadable menus are available on the PayPAMS ordering site where more detailed menu information is provided.  We will start Week 1 on August 16, 2021 and rotate through all 4 weekly menus and then start back on the Week 1 menu the week of September 13th and then keep rotating through the weeks.  Students with diet restrictions and food allergies will be accommodated.   Parents can contact Josie Funk to assist with dietary and food allergy needs.
  • Montessori Kindergarten & Lower School: Lunch will be served in the LS dining room.  Students will go through the lunch line and choose their meal options.  Menus are posted on the Summit Portal.  
  • Middle & Upper School:  Lunch service will be provided in the Knight's Cafe, located on the ground floor of the main building.  Students will need to wear masks and clean hands prior to entering the serving lines.  Students will need to use their lunch card, and memorize their Cafeteria PIN number, to pay for their food via their PayPAMS account.  Students can either scan their lunch card (touchless option) or enter their Cafeteria PIN number on the keypad.  Breakfast service will begin on August 16th from 7:30-8:10 daily.  Menus will be posted on the Summit Portal where more detailed menu information is provided.

Water Bottles

The best practice during a pandemic is for children to bring their own water bottles to school for use during school and for after school activities and sports.  We have added more refillable water bottle fountains around campus to accommodate student water bottles.  Water and other drinks may also be purchased in the Knight's Cafe.