Livestream Learning Protocol

Although The Summit has made the decision to return to campus for in-person classes August 17, we know that some members of our community may not be able to return for different reasons. To address these situations, The Summit has developed a Livestream Learning option and invested in a camera and microphone system in all grade 1-12 classrooms. (The pedagogy and the complexity of the Montessori classroom structure makes Livestream Learning infeasible when in-the-building learning is available.) This video explains how the system works.

This Livestream Learning Option is available for situations that may prevent students from in-person learning:
1.    International students who have delays in arriving to the United States related to COVID-19.  This may include not receiving their visa in time for start of school, quarantines, travel bans, safety concerns.
2.    Students with underlying health conditions who cannot risk infection from COVID-19.
3.    Immediate family members who have underlying health conditions and cannot risk the student perhaps being exposed at school and bringing the infection into the home.
4.    Students or parents who are anxious about in-person learning during the pandemic.
5.    Students quarantined due to COVID-19 exposure but otherwise healthy.
6.    Normal absences: students home sick, college visits, etc.

Classes which have an absent or Livestream Learning student will be streamed live. If anyone is absent in the classroom or virtually, the class will be recorded. Recordings will be retained for 14 days. Class requirements for students who cannot be in the building are the same as those who learn in the building. When in-the-building learning is available, students not attending in person will not be allowed to engage in after school sports or in-person activities.  This is consistent with normal school policy. 

Situations #1-4
If you fall into one of these situations, you will enter into an agreement with the school for the first semester to participate in livestream learning.  Please submit this request form to the division director by August 5.   

  • If you are approved for Livestream Learning during the first semester, healthy domestic students are expected to attend each remote class live each day.  Healthy international students are expected to view the recorded classes the next day. 
  • If students are too sick to attend classes, they must report their absence to the division admin by 8:15 a.m. each day.  
  • We will consider an extension of Livestream Learning to the second semester closer to that time. 

Situation #5
Please submit this request form to the division director when the need for quarantine is determined.

Situation #6
Students have the option to view the class live or view the recording later or not view it at all.

Even though we are living through a pandemic, it is important that Summit students keep learning regardless of their personal circumstances.