Summit Bus Protocol

The Summit Country Day School is providing school bus transportation to students for the 2020-21 school year informed by the guidelines established by the CDC and the State of Ohio to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Below is information regarding our bus health and safety and cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

Health and Safety Procedures

  • Before boarding the bus in the morning for the school’s regular route, the bus driver will take the temperature of each student.  Any student with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will not be permitted to board the bus.  Parents of bus riders are encouraged to take their child’s temperature each morning or wait at the bus stop until their child has cleared the temperature check as a precaution.  Parents or another designated person must be immediately available to pick up those who have an elevated temperature from the bus stop. 
  • The bus driver will provide hand sanitizer to each student prior to boarding the bus. Extra hand sanitizer will be available on the bus. 
  • Students will be required to wear masks when boarding, riding and exiting the bus. The bus driver will provide masks to any student who does not have one. 
  • Whenever possible, windows will be opened and the bus fan will be used to circulate fresh air.
  • Signage regarding proper methods to protect others when coughing or sneezing and other CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of germs will be on display.
  • When the bus is used to transport students from the school for the afternoon bus route and  to and from athletic events or fieldtrips, all procedures will be in place with the exception of temperature checks.

Boarding and Seating

  • Students will board to the back rows of the bus first and will exit from the front rows first. Students will remain six feet apart when boarding and exiting the bus. 
  • Students will have assigned seats for the school year.  We will assign numbers to each daily bus rider which will be taped on their assigned seat on the bus.  Students will be seated nearest siblings if applicable or nearest other students who are in the same educational grade/division if possible. 
  • Currently, we are requiring students to wear masks on the bus.  With masks, we will seat one student per seat, alternating left and right positions.  Siblings may sit together if needed to increase capacity. 

Cleaning Routines and Specialized Anti – Virus Disinfecting

  • The interior of each bus is routinely cleaned and swept/vacuumed daily. In accordance with guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19, each school bus will be wiped down after each run, concentrating on high touch surfaces and objects on the bus. Items to be wiped down include the entry handrail, the fronts and backs of seats and any hardware or accessories, windows, window handles and walls. In addition, the bus driver will wipe the exterior surfaces and hardware of the entry door as well as driver controls of the bus such as the steering wheel, mirrors, etc.  
  • Oxivir will be used by our bus drivers to disinfect touchpoints and surfaces using spray bottles and paper towels and microfiber cloths.  Oxivir is highly effective against healthcare associated pathogens, disinfecting a solid surface in just 60 seconds. It is rated at the lowest level by the EPA for hazard/toxicity, requiring no safety warnings. Click here to see information and safety data sheets for Oxivir.