9th annual science colloquium at The Summit

9th annual science colloquium at The Summit

Fifteen seniors enrolled in the Schiff Family Science Research Institute (SRI) at The Summit recently completed a rigorous scientific research program begun during their junior year. At the 9th annual colloquium, they formally presented their findings to peers, parents, program mentors and faculty/staff as well as Summit board members and former board members. SRI is a two-year program that offers the chance for students to gain field experience in the sciences. Working alongside professionals, seniors conducted research in a variety of industries and subjects. 

The colloquium drew a large audience of adults and students. Nicole Heard came with her daughter Reagan ‘23 to support the presenters. 

“It’s just amazing what these kids have done,” she said. “I’m a pharmacist so I was especially interested in the presentation on diabetes.” Ana Leyendecker ‘23 studied whether Type I diabetes patients and their caregivers possess adequate health literacy and numeracy to self-manage care. 

“I was amazed by the presentations, but I didn’t expect anything less from The Summit,” Mrs. Heard continued. “Reagan chose Summit specifically because of the science program.” 

The stages of SRI include identifying a subject of interest, conducting summer research, analyzing findings, preparing journal formatted research papers and poster presentations and finally presenting an overview of their projects at the colloquium. 

Congratulations to these students and their mentors. To inquire about mentorship, contact SRI director Dr. Jessica Replogle at 513-871-4700 ext. 360. 

Ali Burns ‘23 and Dr. Fabiano G. Nery with University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience: Neuroimaging Spectroscopy 

Lillian Charville ‘23 and William Miller with University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Department of Molecular Genetics: Preparation of Human Cytomegalovirus Nanobodies 

Alaina Fisher ‘23 and Dr. Kathryn Kalafut with Tracks Technology: Penguin Behavior Analysis and RFID Verification 

Angela Good ‘23 and Dr. Min Dong with Children’s Hospital Medical Center Division of Clinical Pharmacology: Verification of a Sickle Cell Anemia Dosing App 

Lavina Grzymajlo ‘23 and Jeff Pearson with Platte Architecture + Design: Historical Preservation in Van Wert, Ohio 

Maya Hajjar ‘23 and Dr. Joseph F. Clark with the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation: Brain Symmetry Analysis in College Athletes 

Rimel Kamran ‘23 and Drs. Alexander Starodub and Kaitlyn Spinella with The Christ Hospital Cancer Center: Barriers to Enrollment in Clinical Trials 

Derek Kuang ‘23 and Dr. Philippe Giabbanelli with Miami University Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering: Analysis of the Spread of Rumors and Fake News 

Chloe Lane ‘23 and Dr. Kathryn Morris with Xavier University Biology Department: Chemotaxis Video Analysis Development 

Ana Leyendecker ‘23 and Dr. Bliss Magella with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Department of Endocrinology: Health Literacy and Numeracy in Type I Diabetes Patients and Caregivers 

Evan Mescher '23 and Kevin Lee of Illumine Transportation: Urban Intersection Improvements 

Anna Reineck ‘23 and Sarah Couch with University of Cincinnati Department of Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Dietetics: Impact of DASH Diet on Added Sugar Consumption in Adolescents with Hypertension 

Leo Schrantz ‘23 and Matt Trombly and Kyle Kershner with Renegade Materials Corp: Creating an Excel Tools to Analyze Temperatures 

Larkin Woodward ‘23 and Geoffrey Grant with Brown and Caldwell: Measuring PFAS Contamination in Wastewater Facilities 

Selena Xie ‘23 and Dr. Peng Zhang with University of Cincinnati Department of Chemistry: Developing a Smartphone Colorimetric Assay Analysis Method 

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