Blue Ash art show features Summit artists 

Blue Ash art show features Summit artists 

Art teachers have been working with dozens of students this winter to prepare for an art show opening Feb. 25 (4:30-7 p.m.) at the Blue Ash Recreation Center, 4433 Cooper Road 45242.

Until March 18, the exhibit is open to the public weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and weekends from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Be sure to stop in and admire the artwork created by these talented student artists: 

Grade 8 

Sophia Blackshaw Brown, "The Lake of Color"  

Sydney Brinkman, "Mountain Sunrise"  

Sophie Brouwer, "The Little Cacti" 

Katie Buckius, "Mountain Mornings" 

Sophia Carazo, "A Virginia Evening"  

Meghana Curran, "Skiing in the Mountains"  

Zaina Kamran, "The Golden Dome"  

Alec Rambow, "Uluru"  

Claire Wiltshire, "From the Shores of Santorini"  

Grade 6 

Olivia Beltran, "Frenchy Personalities"  

Manuel Cantillo, "Blick"

Margot Edmondson, "Super Spikey"  

Miles Friedman, "Fiona"  

Bennett Kreeger, "Bunch O’ Birds"  

Abby Kroner, "Play Like a Dog"  

Maren Lafley, "Rudy"  

Jordan Roebel, "NFL Teams"  

Samuel Sprengard, "Rosie Sprengard"  

Brian Sullivan, "Stages of Simpsons"  

Anna Wiltshire, "A Beary Good Time"  

Grade 5 

Logan Butler, "Paul Brown Stadium"

Lily Fecher, "Flakes"

Addie Haury, "A View of the Mountains"  

Henry Holsinger, "Bubblegum Mountains"  

Marguerite Jackson, "Hot Air Balloon Forest"  

Stefen Karageorges, "Blue Sunset"  

Grade 4

"Ceramic Animal Rattle"

Callie Chadwell

Olivia Elfenbein

Lily Finkleman

Emma McCormick

Evelyn Paulsen

Imma Obiora

Nolan O’Brien

Emma Rinehart

Cléa Sinno

Molly Sullivan

"'Guatemalan “Blankets'"

Tuula Hicks

Kate Kroner

Sophia Lei

Estelle Neyer

Andrea Pérez-Sánchez

Rebeca Pérez-Sánchez

"Stained Glass Window"

Sabrina Diaz

Santi Dwyer

Alexander Hill

Dylan MacDonald

"Torn Paper Self Portrait"

Anna Baker

Gabby Chavez

Charlie Williams

Grade 3

"Huichol Yarn Painting"

Lilly Curt

Blake Diaz

Annabelle Fleming

Gwen Suder

"Winter Neighborhood Architecture"

Sylvia Gibbs

Luke Jenkins

"Emotion Self Portrait"

Michaela Bell

Elliot Fox

Matti Hofmann

Winston Steele

"Ceramic Fish"

Evan Fox

Millie Rich

"Silhouette Cityscape"

Darcy de Lacy

Liam Russell

Grade 2

"Illuminated Ceramic Letter"

Anna Cafardi

Zoa Pratt

Jackson Roebel

"Fall Leaf Batik"

McKenzie Bell

Valeria Sebastian

"Van Gogh Sunflower Still Life"

Sophia Filatova-Ash

Madeline Shadoin

Grade 1

"Snake in the Grass"

Emmie Akers

Lauryn McDonald

Cody Meyer

Jacob Adams

Ben Crawford

Billie Price

Nico Carasquillo

Corrina Roth

Wesley Shadoin