Latin students take on National Junior Classical League Convention

Four Summit students attended the National Junior Classical League convention in July at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, returning home with some of the convention’s top honors. Irene Calderon ’22, Aaron Fraley ’26, Ryan Kenter ’23 and Wali Khan ’23 competed against Latin students from around the country in Creative Arts, Graphic Arts, Academic Tests and Certamen.  

Summit’s Latin Club was recognized as the NJCL “Club of the Month” for August, September and November of last school year and won the “Photo of the Month” contest for September.  

Individual accomplishments include:  

Irene Calderon: Elected NJCL Historian last summer, she completed the duties of her office, documenting the convention and activities of the organization over the course of the last year. Irene is the first Summit student to be elected to national office, having previously served as the OJCL and NJCL Editors. Her scrapbook from the year can be found here.

Aaron Fraley: 8th place on the Mythology test, 9th in Ancient Geography and Hellenic History, 13th in Classical Greek Language, 14th in Roman History, 16th in Classical Art, 18th in the Academic Triathlon and Roman Life, and 29th in Reading Comprehension (all at Level I). Aaron also captained Ohio’s 8th place Novice Certamen team, finishing the season with a strong semi-final performance against a tough Florida team. 

Ryan Kenter: 7th place essay at the upper level; 26th on the Level IV Mythology test, 27th on Vocabulary, and 31st on both Mottoes and Roman Life. Ryan also competed in the swimming Olympika, finishing 6th in the 100-yard freestyle and 10th in the 50-yard butterfly.  

Wali Khan: As the OJCL Parliamentarian, he attended all the election events and led the Ohio delegation through the voting process.  

Summit's Latin teacher, Lisa Mays, continued to serve in her capacity as OJCL State Chair of Students, advising the OJCL board as they led the Ohio delegation through the various activities and competitions.