Lauckner named Middle School’s 2020-21 outstanding student

Jocelyn Lauckner, now a freshman at The Summit Country Day School, earned The Harold C. Schott Middle School’s Outstanding Student award for eighth graders in 2021.

The award, presented during eighth grade graduation, is “determined by grades as well as by enthusiasm, effort expended, intellectual curiosity and contributions to class."

In her address, Jocelyn spoke of character traits, such as perseverance and accountability, that were instilled in her and her classmates during their time as students in the Middle School. She reflected on how the school gracefully maneuvered all the nuances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The class of 2025 will forever be connected to an unprecedented time in history,” Jocelyn said. “Amidst disquieting circumstances and equal joys and triumphs, we thrived together academically, socially, physically, artistically and spiritually. I am proud to be part of such an extraordinary class whose resilience and morality helped to fortify our shared humanity.”

Classmate Grace Tounge, also a freshman at The Summit this year, was selected to give the welcome address/call to worship for the eighth grade graduation as she too had a strong grade point average, as well as a notable enthusiasm and effort in her studies.

“Our shared experiences, our friendships, our faith, our memories and yes, our education over the years together has built our class into the strong group that we are,” Grace said. “Our eighth grade class, the community we have become, and our Summit community, of which all of you are a part, will always have a place in our history.”

Uncovering academic passions, moral compass setting, social skills and leadership development are the work of students in grades 5-8. The Middle School engages this dynamic window of development with academic personalization, mentoring relationships and experiential learning to develop students who are confident to embrace and share their gifts to impact the world.