Lower School Art Students Win Top Honors for Art Critiques

Congratulations to four students in Mrs. Hilary Carvitti's art class who submitted winning essays in the Ohio Art Education Association's Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism Open. The contest, which received nearly 80 entries this year, is part of a celebration of Youth Art Month in March.

  • Division 2, First Place: Caroline Reynolds, Grade 4, for her critique of "The Wall" by Mel Kadel
  • Division 1, First Place (tie): Macey Adams and Ruby Hayes, Grade 2, for critiques of "Uplift" by Mel Kadel
  • Division 1, First Place: Alicia Palacio-Vega, Grade 1, for her critique of "Uplift" by Mel Kadel

Students used their critical thinking and observation skills to address these topics in their essays:

  1. What is the style of this artwork?
  2. When was it created?
  3. What are the people or things doing in the piece?
  4. What do you see?
  5. Why do you think the artist wanted to create this piece?

According to Lower School Division Director Mike Johnson, students in Grades 1-4 were encouraged to participate as a way to foster art appreciation, to gain experience writing opinion pieces and to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion work with students.

The winning essays will be featured in an upcoming issue of ARTLine magazine and showcased on the OAEA website.