Summit alumnus pens personal development book

During his time at The Summit, Harrison Schertzinger '18, along with his brother, Henry, was heavily involved in a number of activities, including Student Senate, Paladin Knights, being a three-sport athlete and starting a number of businesses.

The sophomore at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill can add being a published author to his list of accomplishments. Harrison wrote “The Angel in the Marble: A Journey Towards Uncovering the Hidden Secrets to Your Potential.”

Harrison is not “pretending I have suddenly come up with the answers to life questions.”

Instead, the book is about self-exploration, self-awareness and procuring knowledge. By putting the lessons he has learned on paper, Harrison said he is able to commit to them and make them major building blocks in his life. In doing that, he provides readers with methods and advice they can use to better their lives.

“I am driven by the awakening – that moment when a person finally realizes their beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, values, actions and perceptions can be changed,” he said. “This book is a comprehensive blueprint for anyone who wants to begin a journey to free their human potential.” 

The Summit’s signature Writing Program, which has developed over years of continuous commitment by teachers and students, is a rigorous curriculum that starts in the preschool and culminates in complex research and writing projects in the Middle and Upper Schools. Summit alumni often remark that they are better prepared for college writing assignments than their peers. In a recent survey, 89 percent of The Summit’s young alumni ranked their writing ability higher than their college peers, compared to 61 percent at benchmark independent schools like The Summit. 

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