Summit CDS appoints head of new entrepreneurial study center

Summit Country Day School Head of School Rich Wilson today announced the appointment of Bob Jablonski as Head of the new Homan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership effective July 1. 

Mr. Jablonski has a well-rounded background that includes product development, manufacturing, payment processing, information technology, e-commerce and marketing in high-tech and leading-edge businesses technology. His career has taken him across the country and as far away as England and Japan. His 14 years teaching at Xavier University included undergraduate, graduate courses and the executive MBA program. In this program, he worked with high-caliber professionals from across industries on real-world, client-facing marketing strategy projects.  

The Homan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is a new program at The Summit which begins this fall. The center and an introductory class called the Griffin Business and Leadership Course have been endowed by gifts made during the Leading the Way campaign which ended June 30.  

"As students prepare to embrace their future it is important to nurture and teach them critical skills and behaviors of entrepreneurs such as creativity, opportunity recognition, self-motivation and adaptability,” Mr. Jablonski said. 

As many as 60 students a year will be eligible to take the Griffin Business and Leadership Course, which is a prerequisite for the full-year Entrepreneurship course. Students who take both courses and do well in them will qualify to be placed in a business-related internship during the summer following junior year.  

“We hope this introduction to business will give entrepreneurial-minded Summit students a head start in college by helping them zero in on their passions and interests,” said Upper School Director Kelly Cronin. “We’ve selected Bob Jablonski to lead our new Homan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership because he has a deep understanding of a broad spectrum of business concerns, hands-on experience in both established business and start-ups as well as university level teaching experience.” 

Summit students already are prepared with foundational skills in such things as math, science and history. The Entrepreneurial Center sill build skills in problem solving, leadership, effective team building and adapting to changing environments.  

“Many high school students think they want to go into business but have no idea what that really means,” said Head of School Rich Wilson. “Through the generosity of the Homan family, the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership will provide them basic knowledge and practical experience to help them make a more informed decision on a potential career path. “I’m also grateful to the Griffin family who have endowed a business and leadership class within the Homan Center,” he said.  “That elective class starts up in the fall, and it’s already full. The Summit is all about giving students opportunities.  This support helps us do just that.” 

The Homan Center and the Griffin Business and Leadership Course have been endowed in the ongoing Leading the Way Campaign which runs through June 30. The Homan Center is one of two Centers of Excellence at The Summit. The other is the Schiff Family Science Research Institute. Now in its ninth year, the institute was also endowed during the Leading the Way campaign.