Summit fall student-athletes recognized by MVC, SWOFHL

Summit Country Day School student-athletes received recognition from the Miami Valley Conference and Southwest Ohio Field Hockey League for their athletic prowess during the fall seasons. They are:

Boys' Soccer

Jack Sheehan - Player of the Year, First Team   
Matt Shuler - First Team      
Dalton Slusher - First Team        
Sam Zawaly - First Team      
Parker Bricking - Second Team         
Nicholas Ciaccio - Second Team          
Izzy Rawlings - Second Team      
Matt Ray - Second Team      
Ethan Hudepohl - Honorable Mention        
Patrick McHugh - Honorable Mention     

Girls' Soccer

Katie Corrigan - First Team    
Lauren Foley - First Team     
Madison Sievering - First Team         
Ella Barnes - Second Team    
Kelsey Bello - Second Team        
Lily Martin - Second Team         
Maggie McDowell - Second Team     
Riley Bridge - Honorable Mention        
Mimi McNabb - Honorable Mention 


Carter Bibler - First Team
Brady Griffiths - First Team
Jake Carrico - Second Team 
Alex Davis - Second Team 
Erik Deal - Second Team 
Nicky Luttmer - Second Team 
Ryan Overbeck - Second Team 
Luca Tosolini - Second Team 
T.J. Armstrong - Honorable Mention
Jack Hargis - Honorable Mention

Boys' Cross Country

Drew Barhorst - First Team 
Hudson Ritch - First Team 
Larkin Woodward - First Team 
Ashton Jordan - Second Team 
Kurtis Smith - Coach of the Year

Girls' Cross Country

Siena Cutforth - First Team, SW Ohio Second Team
Anna Reineck - First Team 
Lyla Soper - First Team 
Karley Michel - Second Team 
Ellie Moran - Second Team 
Riley Nelson - Second Team 
Morgan Riley - Second Team 
Josie Weaver - Second Team
Catie Workman - Second Team 
Kurtis Smith - Coach of the Year


Kelsey Foley - First Team
Georgia Schaefer - Second Team
Elena Stone - Second Team 
McKinley Kramer - Honorable Mention
Sofia Ramirez - Honorable Mention

Boys' Golf

Parker Carroll - First Team 

Girls' Golf

Erin Johnson - Golfer of the Year, First Team
Ellie Moran - Second Team

Ashleigh Grooms - Player of the Year, First Team 
Maya Hajjar, Annette LaLonde (Doubles) - First Team
Katelyn Bastos - Second Team    
Sadie Joseph - Second Team 
Megan Ebken - Honorable Mention    
Maggie Marburger - Honorable Mention

Field Hockey

Abby Moore - Offensive player of the year, First Team 
Mia Booth - First Team
Kathleen Corrado - Second Team
Kendall Richard - Second Team
Essa Britt- Honorable Mention