Summit Latin teams brings home a state championship

Summit Latin teams brings home a state championship
students at Latin convention

The Summit’s novice certamen team won the state championship at the Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL) Convention March 8-10 in Columbus where Summit students and alumni also played leadership roles. 

“One of the goals of a Summit education is to transform our students into leaders of character,” said Summit Latin Teacher Larry Dean. “The Latin program and its involvement in the Ohio Junior Classical League embody this goal.  For 25 years, Summit students have held positions of leadership at the state level in the OJCL, including multiple years in the office of president.” 

Summit sent 22 students into the competition which included contests like Certamen, a quiz-style game in which contestants demonstrate their knowledge of the classical civilizations, as well as performance arts, graphic arts, electronic competitions, music video and academic tests on topics like derivatives and mythology.  

They competed against students from 23 schools statewide. Summit placed second overall in points, second in total per capita points and third in academic per capita points. Contributing to those points, five Summit students placed in the top 15 among the 326 students state wide based on points. They were  Ben Hofmann ’28, third place overall, first in academics, and second in creative arts; Kori McLane ’25, fifth overall and second in graphic arts; John Trokan’28, ninth overall and fourth in academics; Hana Conte ’26, 14th overall and first in creative arts; and Cailyn Youtsey ’27. 15th overall. 

Eighth graders Manu Cantillo, Kyan Gatewood, John Trokan and captain Ben Hofmann were on the state champion novice certamen team. The intermediate certamen team finished in 6th place. 

First place awards in individual categories went to: Hana Conte in English oratory and monologue;  Callie Fox ’26 in derivatives and comic book storytelling; Tyle Gier ’28 in constructed chart and large model;  Kori McLane in ink drawing and pastel drawing; Cailyn Youtsey in jewelry, mosaic and poetry; and Ben Hofmann in derivatives, grammar, reading comprehension, Roman life, Roman history, mythology, pentathlon, vocabulary, literature, dramatic interpretation, Latin recitation and sight Latin. 

Best of Show Awards were given to Hana Conte for monologue; Ben Hofmann for sight Latin and dramatic interpretation; and Cailyn Youtsey for jewelry.  

In addition to the competition, The Summit delegation also made its mark in leadership of the OJCL.  

Kori McLane completed her term as the OJCL’s First Vice President, the office which oversees the social media accounts of the organization and organizes fundraisers. Sophomore Hana Conte completed her term as Editor, the office which creates three issues of the official newsletter. She was also elected Second Vice President and will oversee the service events for the organization.  

Summit alumni also helped lead the OSCL. Wali Khan ’23 finished his year as the Parliamentarian of the OSCL, the group of college students who help to run the annual convention. He was also elected Vice President of the OSCL for next convention and is presently the Parliamentarian of the national SCL for the summer convention. Ryan Burns ’20 finished his year as the President of the Senior Classical League, the group of college students who organize the certamen competition and proctor the academic test sessions. Ryan is also a former President of the OJCL. Tullus Dean ’17 finished his second year as the State Chair of Convention and Technology, a position which oversees the OJCL website. He coordinated with the hotel to provide the proper facilities for the state competition. In 2023, Tullus navigated the complicated process of making the OJCL a non-profit 501(3)(c) organization, which eliminates taxes for its events and enables tax deductible donations. Summit Latin teacher Lisa Mays ’05 completed her sixth year as the State Chair of Students. She mentors the state officers and guides them in their duties. Larry Dean was a state chair for nine years. 

Summit has held state leadership positions for 25 consecutive years.