Summit Shines at 2021 Ohio Junior Classical League Convention

2021 is a year of twenty-twos for Summit Latin students: 22 students participated in a virtual convention with students from 22 Ohio schools. Several members of the Class of ‘22 exceled in leadership positions, a Summit tradition for the 22nd consecutive year. 

According to Grades 6-12 Latin teacher, Larry Dean, Summit students brought home multiple awards across all areas of competition. Among the categories were contests and performance arts submitted before convention, graphic arts like models and mosaics, electronic competitions like the Summit newsletter and a commercial, and academic tests like derivatives and mythology. 

Latin Leadership - Summit Class of 2022 

  • Irene Calderon is the National JCL Editor, marking the first time a Summit student has served on the National Executive Board.  Irene gave the closing remarks at the 2nd General Assembly.  

  • Abby Almaguer ended her tenure as Parliamentarian and was elected to Treasurer for next year’s Executive Board. 

  • Kendall Richard completed her tenure as Editor and was elected to 1st Vice-President for next year’s Executive Board. 

  • Jimmy Fraley completed his tenure as Secretary. He took minutes for all official meetings and created the digital program for the convention.   


The following awards are for total points in each category out of 280 students at convention. 

  • Overall Points: Jimmy Fraley (1st), Irene Calderon (2nd), Kate McLane (6th), Mia Rahner (7th), Aaron Fraley (8th) 

  • Creative Contests: Jimmy Fraley (1st) 

  • Pre-Convention Contests:  Jimmy Fraley (2nd), Hana Conte (3rd), Katie Dobelhoff (4th), Kendall Richard (5th), Mia Rahner and Aaron Fraley and Haley Baker (7th), Ana Leyendecker (8th), Callie Fox and Ethan Lam (9th), Kate McLane and Emily Bolan (10th). 

  • Graphic Arts Contests: Irene Calderon (tie for 1st), Mia Rahner (8th), Jimmy Fraley (10th)  

  • Certamen Competition: Certamen is a competitive, “Jeopardy!”-style game which tests students’ knowledge of the Latin language and the Classical World in general. 

  • Novice Category – Haley Baker, Benedict Domville, Aaron Fraley, Kate McLane (2nd) 

  • Advanced Category – Irene Calderon, Jimmy Fraley, Wali Khan, Ana Leyendecker (3rd) 

 Individual First Place Awards 

  • Irene Calderon ‘21 – Constructed Chart 

  • Hana Conte, Grade 7 – Drawn Chart 

  • Erin Devine ‘21 – Traditional Photo, Computer Enhanced Photo 

  • Aaron Fraley, Grade 7 – Mythology, Pentathlon, Multimedia 

  • Jimmy Fraley ‘22 – Pentathlon, Monologue 

  • Kate McLane, Grade 8 – Roman Life, Small Model 

  • Sophia Nery, Grade 8 – Reading Comp, Vocabulary 

  • Mia Rahner ‘23 – Derivatives, Drawn Map, Ink Drawing 

  • Kendall Richard ‘22 – Mythology, Decorative Stitching, Mixed Media, Bead Mosaic 

  • AC Sansalone – Illustrated Quote 

Best of Show Awards 

  • Maddie Sumnar - Latin Recitation 

  • Kendall Richard - Bead Mosaic 

  • Irene Calderon - Dolls 

Club Projects  

Group entries which earned the ‘Excellent’ award: 

  • Commercial 

  • Music Video 

  • Digital Scrapbook 

  • Publication 

Noteworthy Alumni 

Ryan Burns ‘20 completed his duties as OSCL Treasurer and was elected as Vice-President for next year’s college Executive Board. 

Julia Dean ‘19 completed her duties as the President of the OSCL. During the virtual convention, Julia helped to tabulate results of the academic tests and to run the Certamen competition. 

Tullus Dean ‘17 gave the opening remarks at the final General Assembly, encouraging all to embrace their inner nerd and indulge in the joy of learning. 

Carol Klette ‘18 completed her duties as OSCL Historian and was elected as Treasurer for next year’s college Executive Board. 

Teacher Lisa Mays ‘05 completed her 3rd year as the State Chair of Students. She mentors the state officers and guides them in their duties.