Summit Upper School recognizes scholars 

Summit Upper School recognizes scholars 

The Summit Country Day School inducted 50 new members of the National Honor Society and recognized National Merit Finalists, Merit Scholarship Commended Scholars, College Board National African American Recognition Scholars and College Board National Hispanic Recognition Scholars. 

The keynote speaker for the event was Rachel Chrastil, PhD, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Xavier University and founding director of the first-year seminar program. Her book, Bismarck’s War, was recognized as the best history book of 2023 by the Financial Times and The Telegraph. 

In a ceremony symbolizing the virtues of the National Honor Society, Laura Matos ’24 lit the candle of scholarship, Charles Li ’24 lit the candle of leadership, Hamilton Uhl ’24 lit the candle of service and Nick Bergeron ’24 lit the candle of service. Caden Charville ’24 introduced the initiates.  

The National Honor Society inductees are Joaquin Beatty ’24, Eden Benavides Orta ’24, Maggie Bissmeyer ’25, Olivia Bolan ’25, Johnathan Breazeale ’25, Annaliese Brouwer ’25, Alina Butcher ’25, Zack Carrico ’25, Ella Cary ’25, Lowry Cavanaugh ’25, Rovio Chen ’25, Lily de Lacy ’25, Joey DiPaola ’25, Ben Dobelhoff ’25, Daisy Doran ’25, Rylee Drees ’25 and Joey Driggers ’24. 

Also inducted were Lukas Fry ’25, Giulia Genung ’24, Zari Gillispie ’25, Addison Golden ’25, Esme Gonyo ’25, Sophie Gray ’25, Brenden Hamilton ’25, Sadie Headley ’24, Ashton Jordan ’25, Delaney Kintner ’25, Jack Lain ’25, Annette LaLonde ’25, Jocelyn Lauckner ’25, Jordyn Lauckner ’25, Rowan Lavelle ’25, Maryn Mahoney ’25, Maggie Marburger ’25, Megan Marburger ’25, Kori McLane ’25, Owen McNeil ’25, Maddie Mescher ’25 and Mason Moyle ’25. 

Also inducted were Sophia Nery ’25, Elizabeth Pilon ’25, Garret Rahe ’25, Charles Rahner ’25, Maggie Razzano ’25, Gracie Sanders ’25, Annabelle Schlotman ’25, Lilly Sievering ’25, Sarah Stewart ’24, Elena Stone ’25 and Grace Tounge ’25. 

In addition to the National Honor Society induction, the Upper School recognized National Merit and College Board honorees.  

National Merit Finalists are Grant Desch ’24, Ethan Lam ’24 and Christopher Reuter ’24. National Merit Commended Scholars are Jude Gerhardt ’24, Terek Hasan ’24, Graham Hodge ’24, Iris Katz ’24, Kyle Lauckner ’24 and Jack Wang ’24.  

The College Board recognized Lilly Sievering ’25 and Zari Gillispie ’25 as National African American Recognition Scholars. Laura Matos ’24 and Sophia Nery ’25 were recognized as National Hispanic Recognition Scholars.