Upper School takes geometry to the zoo

Upper School geometry students are working collaboratively with the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens for their architectural design projects.

Students visited the zoo recently to learn first-hand from the zoo’s architects. Their goal was to understand the process for designing animal habitat spaces that promote animal excellence and safety while also enhancing visitor engagement and staying committed to sustainability. After learning from the experts, students spent time observing different animal habitats, saying hi to Fiona, and collecting data to use on their own design projects.

The excitement continued as the projects got underway in the geometry classrooms. Students applied the lessons learned at the zoo, collaborated in their small groups, researched the unique needs of their chosen animals, and used geometric ideas to design 2D models of their animal habitats. Next, zoo architects will come to The Summit where they will meet with each group to view drafts of the designs and provide feedback to improve the students' final projects.

Students will then take their designs to our Exploratarium where they will create 3D elements as a visual, tangible asset to include in their final presentations to their peers.

"It’s been a fun end of the year in geometry classes and this partnership and experience with the zoo’s experts is truly one-of-a-kind," shares teacher Brooke Thomas.