Winter 2022 Alumni Board President's Letter

Winter 2022 Alumni Board President's Letter

Dear Summit Alumni,

Alumni Board President with Knight

As 2022 draws to a close and I look back on the year, I’m grateful for the tremendous support from our alumni community. You have been volunteers, hosts, ambassadors and attendees of the many events and celebrations held throughout the year, and you have been exceptionally generous with your financial contributions.

The annual Legacy Photo was held in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel on October 26th. This photo shoot was a celebration of the legacy and heritage of our great school and a recognition of the currently enrolled families that have supported this legacy for multiple generations. We had a record turnout of 180 people in attendance – 45 families spanning four generations!

Last month, the newly renovated St. Cecilia’s served as an impressive venue for Summit’s Open House. Even more impressive was the crowd of current and prospective families, faculty, staff and volunteers in attendance.

I am excited to announce the roll-out of the Summit Alumni Board’s five-year strategic plan, which includes the following three primary goals: 1) increase alumni giving to The Summit Fund to 16 percent, 2) increase alumni attendance at signature events, and 3) fully endow the Alumni Scholarship.

Did you know that tuition at The Summit doesn’t cover the full cost of educating a student? The Summit Fund helps bridge this gap and supports what tuition doesn’t cover. Even for those who pay full tuition, part of their education is supported by The Summit Fund. I encourage you to support The Summit Fund and make a donation today. Within the fund, you can choose between ten different funds to support the area that you are most passionate about. You can make a gift online by using this link or the give now button at the top right of the screen.

Other work within the strategic plan includes an online business networking platform called The Silver Knight Network. This private platform connects job-seekers and business professionals, from the Summit community, for the purpose of helping each other succeed professionally. Job-seekers can solicit professional advice, apply for jobs and internships or request a resume review. Business leaders can post jobs, hire candidates, offer to mentor or simply reconnect with fellow alumni. We are in the early stages of adopting this platform – an official email invite will circulate in the coming weeks.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this: if you are interested in joining our incredible Alumni Board or serving on one of its four committees, please fill out the application here, and Mark Osborne will reach out to you. My experience on the Summit Alumni Board has been overwhelmingly rewarding, and I hope you will consider joining us.


Jaime Masters SMS ’98
Alumni Board, Preisdent


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