Physical Development

The Summit values a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle through physical development. Teamwork, commitment, responsibility, honor, perseverance, cooperation, leadership, sportsmanship, nutrition, fitness and self-esteem contribute to the overall wellness of the individual.  

The physical education curriculum, which begins with the youngest students in the Montessori School, is augmented by nutritional lessons in the classrooms and cafeteria, active extracurricular activities and a no-cut policy in the Athletics Department. Parent volunteers prepare students in kindergarten through grade 6 for athletic competition through a well-organized and diverse after-school sports program.

The highly competitive athletic programs for grades 7-12 have 84% student participation and boast a 72% winning percentage among 20 Varsity sports and Junior Varsity sports. Over the last three years, approximately 15% of our graduates have gone on to participate in NCAA collegiate athletics, in sports ranging from football and Lacrosse to soccer and golf.

  • The Summit considers athletics to be an integral part of the Upper School’s educational program. Athletics provide experiences that will help students grow spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally and physically. We believe that by promoting sportsmanship at all levels, the athletic program reinforces a sound value structure, instills pride and enhances the students’ self-image.
  • Boys and girls have an opportunity to develop physically through a wide variety of sports, including football, baseball, wrestling, golf, field hockey, softball, volleyball, cross country, soccer, tennis, swimming/diving, bowling, track and Lacrosse.
  • The goal of the Summit’s athletics and teams is "to be the best that you can be." Success is measured not by wins or losses but by how well the athletes, individually and collectively, meet that goal. The school’s name, The Summit, exemplifies the plateau of achievement for which we all strive. Aim high.
  • The Parent Run Athletic Committee for kindergarten through grade 6 offers baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball.  All participating students play in every game. Emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, team work, skills development and the importance of hard work and consistent effort toward a successful experience.
  • The Physical Education curricula at The Summit is a planned sequence of learning experiences designed to fulfill the growth, development, ethical and behavioral needs of each student. The broadest goal of the program is to help children understand themselves. In doing so, each student will begin to understand the nature of achievement.
  • Wellness and nutrition education are incorporated into classroom instruction and emphasized in the Cafeteria. Students can have well-balanced breakfasts and lunches. Healthy food choices are emphasized through nutritional information posted on the menu.
  • Many extracurricular activities and Summer Camps give students more choices for supervised physical activity after school and year round. Depending on the grade level and season, fitness and nutrition after-school activities include dance, cheerleading, Karate, cooking, running and skiing.