Social Values

Character development is one of the most crucial aspects of any child's upbringing. The lessons we learn as young people influence not only our careers and life choices -- they also help determine the kind of leaders, parents, and citizens we become as adults.

Character Education -- the connection between students' minds and their hearts -- is as much a part of The Summit as its bricks and mortar. Through our Character Education Program, even our youngest students begin to gain a sense of what it means to be a fulfilled and moral person. From their preschool years until graduation, students at The Summit have a multitude of opportunities to learn critically important lessons that help shape their moral compass. These engaging activities enrich our entire curriculum, spanning the classroom, the playing field, and the global community.

The spiritual and ethical values that we espouse and affirm at The Summit provide a guidepost for every member of our community, and a bridge that links us together.

  • Summit's celebrated Character Education Program -- which develops self-discipline, empathy, respect for others, honesty, resilience & confidence in each child -- begins in the Montessori School. The social process involves development in the child's relationships with other people, emotions and personality. We create an environment that enables development of character, morality, compassion and leadership.
  • Leadership & Service Programs in the Lower School teach students to be good citizens and see the value of applying their talents and intelligence for the good of their community and society. Frequent sessions dealing with specific issues of social development, world issues and ethics are important components of the Lower School program. The "Garden for the Good" offers lessons in environmental stewardship and raises money for charity. However, social development is not limited to the classroom and students have many opportunities for interactions with older students who serve as role models.    
  • Leadership and Character Education Programming in the Middle School teach students learn to see the value of applying their talents and intelligence for the good of the community and society. Many clubs offer students opportunities to cooperate with each other and contribute to the school community. Teachers look for genuine, everyday acts of kindness to celebrate. Field trips to musicals, theaters, art museums, social service agencies and other venues help our children experience social situations in many realms of life.
  • Servant Leadership is the teaching model used in the Upper School. There is formal training all four years and many opportunities to practice servant leadership. The Leadership program has five goals: the development of knowledge, social skills, leadership tools, self-awareness and collaborative experiences. Students are given many opportunities to open their hearts and minds to the suffering of others. In the formal oratory program -- Chapel Talks -- every student works collaboratively with a faculty member to compose and deliver a personal reflection to the Upper School community. Students in every grade level are encouraged to recognize the needs of others and participate in service projects throughout the year -- seniors spend the week before Thanksgiving building homes in Appalachia. Students meet regularly in St. Cecilia Hall to discuss community issues and build leadership skills.