Highly-trained faculty, state-of-the-art resources and innovative curriculum have resulted in distinctive programs that make The Summit Country Day School's opportunities unique among private and public schools in Greater Cincinnati. 

Montessori Program

Toddler Program: We are one of a few schools in Greater Cincinnati where university-trained Montessori curriculum experts offer an educational program for 18- to 36-month olds.

Enrichment Program: Our specially-trained teachers build on the core-curriculum to present in-depth, higher-level instruction to absorbent young minds.

Orff Music Program: Our children tap into their natural instincts to make music by playing instruments, improvising, moving and singing through the Orff Schulwerk Music Approach.

Lower School

Conceptual Math Program: This curriculum developed at The Summit exceeds national standards and draws upon research-based pedagogy, years of successful experience from specially trained faculty and globally recognized best practices.  

Five Star Reading: Our intense literacy program developed by The Summit teaches individual students how to read increasingly difficult texts with understanding and fluency.

Garden for the Good: Our outdoor education curriculum combines provides lessons in environmental stewardship, nutrition and art, while offering a forum for a character-building community service project.

Student-Led Conferences: Our students lead their own teacher-parent conferences, emphasizing responsibility for learning, independence, presentation and relationships with the adults in their lives.

Middle School

STEM Program: We incorporate STEM into all math and science classes, but this program offers special classes to help seventh and eighth graders make a connection between science, technology, engineering and math.

Latin Program: Awards won by the Latin Program at the Middle School have brought national recognition to The Summit.

Band Program: Inexperienced musicians get the opportunity to learn an instrument and experienced students thrive. 

Advisement Program: Every member of the faculty is a champion for a small support group of students who meet regularly throughout the year.

Character Education Capstones: While the Character Education program is an all-school signature, the Middle School has developed a capstone experience at each grade level.


Upper School

Science Research Institute: We offer a best-in-city program so motivated students get a head-start on college-level scientific research and writing. Students connect with mentors in Cincinnati’s scientific community who provide authentic laboratory research experiences.

Senior Search: Senior connect with experts for independent study and design their own learning experiences.

Latin Program: Awards won by the Latin Program at the Upper School have brought national recognition to The Summit.

Chapel Talks: A rite of passage for many Summit students, this is the culmination of a sequenced oratory program called SOLEIL.


Character Education Program: The study of 13 character traits are embedded in the curriculum and campus life activities from preschool through 12th grade. Teaching character education opens students' minds to new experiences, diversity, acceptance and curiosity.

World Language Program: We aim to produce high-school graduates with strong proficiency in French or Spanish through a 13-year World Language program.

Writing Program: Students find their voice through a fusion of time-tested writing approaches from preschool to 12th grade. Graduates tell us they are better prepared for college research writing than their peers.

Social Skills Program: We believe emotional intelligence is as important to success in relationships and careers as intellectual intelligence, so we intentionally teach social skills through a purposeful approach in the classroom and in the community. This program helps us deliver on our mission to help students grow in both grace and wisdom so they can improve the world they inherit.

Personalized Instruction Program: We tailor instruction to each individual so every student moves from division to division with the tools needed to succeed and graduates are prepared for college.