Congratulations, Class of 2023

Students in the Class of 2023 have a lot to celebrate as they close out their final year at The Summit. This page will feature everything to do with this year's graduating class. Be sure and check back* as more features get added! 

*We will continue to add senior bios below as the information submitted is confirmed by the counseling office. Thank you for your patience!

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Thoughts from the Class of 2023

Senior Schedule

Advice from Kindergartners

A Look Back at the Class of 2023

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Outcomes for the Class of 2023

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Advice for the Class of 2023

"Keep your head up and charge the mountain." ~ Mrs. Hadley

"Believe in yourself, dream, go beyond your comfort zone, learn from your mistakes, breathe, and retrieve, remember a little biology, and do not forget to let me know where your DNA code leads you. Best wishes, Class of 2023!" ~ Mrs. Suder

"Stay the course. Continue to develop, commit, and be all-in to your education, career, and family." ~ Mr. Fleming

"Stay creative and confident. Don't be afraid to try new things." ~ Mrs. Wiltshire

"To each and every one of my dear Advisees, In the short time that we have had together, I have learned that each of YOU possess your very own special talents. I am so proud of and excited for each of you and have no doubt that your unique lights will shine as beacons! Take on this next step of life with fervor, with the goal to learn what you love, and with the desire to love what you pursue. I can't wait to hear good things from and about each of you! Love and Blessings!" ~ Mrs. Schroeder

"Believe in yourself and follow your passions." ~ Mr. Lorentz

"Willa Cather claims that 'only the artist, the great artist, knows how difficult it is [to be truthful].' My advice: make time for the arts in your lives—refine your own sense of truthfulness. In you, Class of 2023, I see the promise of a world alive with ideas and artistry and truth." ~ Ms. O'Dell

"Do not focus on the door that slams you in the face, turn around and look at all the other doors that are open to you. You will find it was meant to be." ~ Mrs. Neltner

"Be true to yourself. Have confidence that your are capable of accomplishing anything if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Don't be afraid to is the surest path to success if you can learn from it." ~ Mr. Miller

"Don't be strangers. You're a part of The Summit's history now and you will be missed." ~ Dr. Law

"Find something you are passionate about and make the world a better place." ~ Mr. McEachern

"Continue to embrace your unique talents and gifts. Each one of you will go on to make the world a kinder, bolder, better place and we're so proud of you!" ~ Mrs. Smith

Favorite memories from the faculty and staff

Mrs. Hadley | Field trips to the Nature Center and Zoo, challenging one another on mathematical reasoning and thinking outside the box, working hard to meet the goals of all students. 

Mr. Fleming | My favorite memory was the senior retreat at Camp Higher Ground.

Mr. Lorentz | Watching the whole student section rush the field to celebrate together after winning the Country Day Cup!

Ms. O'Dell | I loved witnessing your thoughtful, kind and productive collaboration in class. You encourage one another, give constructive feedback and have fun.

Mr. Miller | Watching them embrace the struggles of going to High School during a pandemic and truly support and bond with each other. They have come out the other side of the experience as a family and you can see it in everything they do together.

Dr. Law | For my beloved B bell... some of my favorite teaching memories will end up involving you all.  The infamous desk-scooting echoing Weber's law on thresholds, your Freud shrine, and the class group photo sent taken on a Saturday night.

Mr. McEachern | Students diving headfirst into bean bag chairs for the best reading spots in the room.

Mrs. Smith | You all will forever be my first senior class. I was welcomed with open arms and it's been a joy and privilege to watch you all grow over the year and begin your college journey. Keep shining and thanks for everything!

How we see the Class of '23