Middle School

Rising to the Challenge 

The Middle School years are when young minds hone their critical thinking and analytical skills to make strong connections between their knowledge and the world around them. Middle schoolers question, debate, explore, invent and engage with more depth while taking on more rigorous academic challenges and responsible leadership roles in preparation for the final leg of The Summit journey – Upper School. 

Our Five Pillars

Our mission is to develop leaders of character across five pillars: spiritual, academic, physical, social and artistic.  

girl getting blessed in chapel
The Spiritual Pillar

Through grade-level spiritual retreats, Summit students reflect on themselves and their relationship with God. These unique, off-campus experiences provide an opportunity to reinforce aspects of our Leaders of Character program and support students on their spiritual journeys.

"The time for reflection and the activities we did [at the retreat] reminded me how lucky and thankful I am to God for the talents that He gave me. I use these talents every day but don’t always remember to be thankful to God for them.”
– Stefen Karageorges '29

"The Leaders of Character program, focus on God-given values, and overt emphasis on developing good people to go out into the world is fantastic."
– Middle School Parent, 2022-23


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The Academic Pillar

Teachers work closely to design academic growth opportunities for students that help ensure all middle schoolers can reach their full potential. Children learn executive functioning skills and strategies to become more independent in completing their assignments and meeting classroom expectations. The challenges increase across all subject areas, and students are supported all along the way.

"Summit does a better job than other schools of achieving rigor without needless busy work and tasks. The deliberate nature of the assignments maximizes the value gained.”
– Middle School Parent, 2022-23

girl wearing athletic medal
The Physical Pillar

Children who play team sports develop physically, socially and emotionally – growth that carries forward to a more competitive sports model in the second half of middle school. Up to Grade 6, athletes are coached by parent volunteers. Some of our Upper School coaches also coach middle school athletes in Grades 7-8, bringing their expertise to the game. With a no-cut policy, every child gets playing time while enjoying a fun introduction to the lifestyle of an athlete. 

"I’m most proud when a family shares that their child didn’t want to participate but once they did, they had a great experience and made new friends. That’s what it’s all about. Making it enjoyable while developing young athletes.”
 Chris Woodard, K-6 Athletics Coordinator

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The Social Pillar

Serving in leadership roles is one way for students to contribute to their community. The Knights of the Round Table, or KORT, is an opportunity for student leaders to have a part in planning and executing activities for other students. These experiences build confidence and help students discover their passions in a safe and supportive environment.

"We feel the education our girls receive at Summit is truly next level. It’s intentional and strives to ensure each child is educated to become a well-rounded person, not merely academically challenged. Our children have never been more engaged than they have since we’ve been at Summit.”
– Middle School Parent, 2022-23


two girls in a play
The Artistic Pillar

Middle schoolers find a second home in Summit’s performing arts program. With musicals, theater productions, band and chorus, students take center stage as they explore their creative sides. Summit musicians have additional opportunities to perform during the year at all-school masses, concerts and hosted events such as the annual United States naturalization ceremony.

"The school provides many creative opportunities for the students and allows them to excel in many areas of interest with encouragement."
Middle School Parent, 2022-23

"This program is designed to foster self-confidence and self-love. My hope is that each student goes out of their comfort zone to explore what they are truly capable of in this world."
Amy Batchelor, Theater Director

Meet The Teachers

Highly-trained faculty, state-of-the-art resources and innovative curriculum have resulted in distinctive programs that make The Summit Country Day School's opportunities unique.
Kevin Bissmeyer

Kevin Bissmeyer

Social Studies Teacher; Boys, Lacrosse, Assistant Coach, MS
Bob Browning

Bob Browning

Director of Instrumental Music
Cary Daniel

Cary Daniel

Physical Education Teacher
Robert Schaaf

Robert Schaaf

Math & Social Studies Teacher
Cooper Schreibeis

Cooper Schreibeis

Social Studies & Religion Teacher; Boys, Soccer, Coach, JV-A

Questions & Answers

The Summit Difference

girl volleyball team

A more competitive sports program beginning in Grade 7

girls at camp

Overnight trips that build relationships with peers and teachers

counselor with kids

A dedicated counselor with a commitment to social-emotional learning

three boys with construction paper chain

Opportunities to grow leadership skills

boy working on a robot

After school specials for learning and social growth

girl playing clarinet

Diverse ways to express creativity

two girls planting flowers

Clubs that offer social and service opportunities

teacher working with student

Trained and enthusiastic teachers


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