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Establishing a Love of Learning

Imagine a classroom where the joy of learning is propelled by the interests of the children, where curiosity is encouraged and the innate human desire to understand, experiment and create is celebrated. This is The Summit Montessori School, and we are proud to use the Montessori philosophy to teach children as young as 18 months.

The Summit Montessori School gives children the opportunity to learn from their peers, engage in meaningful open-ended play and develop a solid foundation in academic and social/emotional learning that serves them well when they move on to Lower School starting in Grade 1.

Our Five Pillars

Our mission is to develop leaders of character across five pillars: spiritual, academic, physical, social and artistic.  

boy petting chicken
The Academic Pillar

Hands-on learning and collaborative play are essential elements to a Montessori education. Our early childhood education program optimizes a child’s natural curiosity to develop a love of learning that never quits.

“It is my job to guide our students, create a learning environment appropriate that is for independent exploration and opportunities, develop internal motivation and inspire a love for learning."
– Ms. Chelsea Hahn, Montessori Teacher

group photo of soccer team
The Physical Pillar

With sports programs that start in kindergarten, students get an early start on the lessons and growth that can happen on athletic teams. Kids have fun, gain confidence and learn new skills, while parents build community.

“Kids benefit from having positive adult mentors besides their parents. These other voices in their life can encourage, challenge and guide them in a special way that is very impactful.”
- Mr. Chris Woodard, K-6 Athletic Coordinator

teacher with student
The Social Pillar

Caring, exceptional teachers in every classroom create a warm and safe environment that is like a second home for young children. Our highly trained Montessori experts guide learning and support social-emotional development.

“The Montessori at Summit is a caring, nurturing environment that has really helped both of my children develop academically and emotionally.”
– Montessori parent, 2022-23

children playing xylephones
The Artistic Pillar

Music education is core to cognitive and social development, emotional awareness and regulation. Here, young students bounce, wiggle and sashay to rhythms and beats that are felt deep down. All their “hard” work pays off when they perform in front of an audience of parent paparazzi.

“I believe music is critical to the cognitive and emotional development of the young child and that all children are musical.”
– Mrs. Ai Li Brown, Montessori Music Teacher

woman playing guitar
The Spiritual Pillar

Bible class helps children be accountable, creative in their thinking, curious about the world, resilient in overcoming challenges and aware of their impact on those around them.

"Knowing they are loved by God just the way they are, children have the confidence to wonder, question, explore and develop en route to reaching their potential."
– Mrs. Peggy Nachtrab, Montessori Teacher

Meet The Teachers

What sets The Summit Country Day School apart? Highly-trained faculty, state-of-the-art resources and innovative curriculum.

Questions & Answers

The Summit Difference

Girl using Montessori materials

A commitment to the Montessori method of learning

Teacher hugging student

Warm and caring teachers

Two girls hugging

An emphasis on social-emotional development

Girls in muscle room

A muscle room for toddlers with right-sized material for play

boy with sheep

Experiential field trips

two women in booth smiling

A community of parents who support and encourage each other

A dedicated playground that inspires exploration


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