Every adolescent needs a personal champion. 

Our Middle School Advisement Program gives our kids just that. Your child's advisor will be there to help meet your child’s developmental, social, emotional, physical and academic needs.    

 At The Summit, we believe in mentorship. We pair each of our Middle School faculty with a group of about 10 advisees who they shepherd through the year.  Grade-level faculty teams meet regularly to discuss curricular flow and testing calendars, plan our character education capstones and facilitate our social and study skills lessons. Most importantly, when those teachers come together to discuss these important aspects of our life together, every student has a voice – his or her advisor. 

Advisement groups gather daily and have an extended time on Wednesdays. This provides the kind of time required for each advisor to know, love and proactively guide each student.  Whether discussing peer relational issues or strategies for academic success, our teachers know our students and they understand their stage of development. 

Can you imagine a place where students set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals and advisors meet one-on-one with students to monitor progress on those goals? Can you image what it would be like as a parent to receive a handwritten note at the mid-point of each grading period in which your child articulated for you their progress through the curriculum and their perceptions of their peer relationships?  We'll teach your child to become a self-advocate and take control of their life at school. 

We want your child to become a leader of character. We'll give your child tools and resources to make good decisions to become organized and to be prepared for their schoolwork and their outside activities.