Character Education

Leading from who you are, where you are is not only an opportunity at The Summit, it is the expectation.

Our students are planted firmly in the charism of Saint Julie Billiart, foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. St. Julie proclaimed by her life and by her words that God is good. In fact, it is that goodness that emboldens us to act on behalf of justice and peace in our world. To do so requires character, therefore character education is the heart of our Notre Dame learning community.  

Students at The Summit become peacemakers and changemakers as they dive deep into 13 character education traits. These traits are brought to life through innovative classroom lessons, hands-on service learning, high-impact team-building initiatives and life-changing capstone projects. Among the ways you can see this at work: 

  • The youngest within our community celebrate and share kindness as they take turns serving as morning greeters. 
  • Our third graders put their study of coding to work in a digital presentation to first graders about fairness on the playground.  
  • Our sixth graders pursue passion projects which test their grit and determination as they delve deep into the trait of perseverance. 
  • Our eighth graders literally become the voice of restorative justice for many around the world who have suffered injustice.  
  • Our sophomores get in touch with their own interdependence in exercises that allow them to experience authentic support and discover the value of humility.   
  • Our seniors lead our juniors through a process of deep personal reflection as they pause and focus upon their heart-felt appreciation for the many supportive relationships in their lives. 

To be sure, character education is not a program here at The Summit. It is who we are.  Children graduate with an internal ethical framework which governs how they live their lives. 

As students progress through the grades, they are challenged to understand and internalize these 13 character separate traits:

  • Montessori: Kindness
  • Grade 1: Caring
  • Grade 2: Respect 
  • Grade 3: Fairness
  • Grade 4: Responsibility 
  • Grade 5: Courage
  • Grade 6: Perseverance
  • Grade 7: Accountability
  • Grade 8: Justice
  • Grade 9: Patience
  • Grade 10: Humility 
  • Grade 11: Compassion 
  • Grade 12: Gratitude