Your child's mind is like a sponge. Broadening children’s educational experiences beyond ABCs and 123s is what we do best.

That's why we start engaging your children in enrichment programs early. We begin in 3- and 4-year-old classrooms and continue through Kindergarten.  

Enrichment activities build on the academic units your child's teacher prepares. Our highly-educated teachers follow the Montessori philosophy. Our enrichment program builds on that. Activities take your child's natural curiosity to the next level. Trained enrichment specialists add to classrooms by presenting opportunities for in-depth exploration.  That might include a project on animal classification, human anatomy or ecological awareness. Or it could be an introduction to a new language.  

Your child will explore everything from inventors to world geography, art and music. Enrichment activities give them a chance to explore topics at a higher level.  They might visit the Star Lab — The Summit's own inflatable planetarium — and make their own papier-mâché planet. Or your child might earn classroom "passport" stamps by learning about countries and their flags.   

We work with the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cincinnati Zoo, School House Symphony and Children's Theater of Cincinnati to bring other enrichment activities to life.   

Application Process

Because we have limited space and our application pool is quite competitive, we recommend completing the application process early. 18-month-old toddler candidates must be 18 months old by September 30 of the year they enter the program.

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The Summit's Montessori Advanced Enrichment Program is unique – blending the Montessori philosophy and methodology with a focused  curriculum in science, culture, geography, art and music specific to the five-year-old child.