Homan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

"There are three things the successful entrepreneurial mindset needs: resilience, creativity and problem-solving. Resilience involves being able to look at what you have and being able to recover from failure quickly. Creativity comes from seeing what goes wrong and salvaging what you can. Problem-solving grows from analyzing what the customer wants and needs." 

– Bob Jablonski, Head of the
Homan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership  

The Homan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is a signature program that launched at The Summit in 2021. Led by Bob Jablonski, the curriculum offers motivated students an advantage as they pursue a passion for business in college and beyond. Students in the program explore the entrepreneurial mindset as they develop an in-depth understanding of business fundamentals, strategies and case studies. Perhaps more than anything, however, this class will teach them to fail. An idea you had didn't work? Businesses fail all the time. Focus on what's next. Students in this program will learn from the failure.

Introduction: Griffin Business and Leadership Course
The journey begins with a one-semester introductory course, the Griffin Business and Leadership Course. The Griffin course helps students understand the nature of business with its many facets. It gets students thinking about whether they would prefer to be in business-to-business or business-to-customer. Students learn about financial reports and how decisions are made based on them.

Entrepreneur Course
During a full-year program, student entrepreneurs review case studies and walk through the innovation process while developing the skills needed to creatively employ innovative thinking. The experience gives entrepreneurial-minded Summit students a head start in college and careers by helping them zero in early on their passions and interests and expanding the skills they need to become effective entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

Summer: Business-related Internship
The summer internship is where the rubber meets the road. Students interact with real people in real businesses. They learn what aspects of business they like and what they don’t like so they don’t waste time in college or life. 

Robert Jablonski is the Head of the Homan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.  He has a well-rounded background that includes product development, manufacturing, payment processing, information technology, e-commerce and marketing in high-tech and leading-edge business technology.

Before joining The Summit, Mr. Jablonski's career took him from coast to coast and as far away as England and Japan. His 14 years teaching at Xavier University included courses at the undergraduate, graduate and executive MBA level. His expertise is helping high-caliber professionals from across industries solve real-world, client-facing marketing strategy challenges. 

The Homan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership was endowed by the Homan Foundation through Chip Homan SBS '66.