Our award-winning Latin Program emphasizes academic excellence in the Classics. But our studies go beyond the classroom. We have a reputation as one of the best Latin academic programs in the country.  

 We've been state champions eight times in the last decade. Our students hold many individual national titles. We routinely earn top awards on academic tests, such as the National Latin Exam and the Medusa Mythology Exam. Our members have even earned college scholarships because of their Latin proficiency.   

The study of Latin helps students in tangible ways. It aids critical thinking skills and attention to detail. It provides a solid foundation for future study of modern languages. And it promotes better understanding of English.  Research indicates students who take Latin perform better on standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT.  

At The Summit, all sixth graders are required to take Introduction to Latin. Your child can choose to study Latin beyond that — from Latin 1 to AP Latin and even Honors Ancient Greek.

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Over 50 percent of the words in the English language are derived from Latin. The reading of Latin teaches good critical thinking skills with attention to detail. It gives you a broader knowledge of the world around us. It  fosters a deep appreciation for the art of communication.  

Latin Opportunities at The Summit

 We have one of the largest Latin Clubs in the Cincinnati area, as well as an active Latin Honor Society. We also hold a four-week Latin Camp each summer on The Summit campus.  

The Latin Club promotes academics, the arts, friendship and community service. It meets weekly for a “Latin Lunch” and frequently after school. With more than 100 members each year in grades 7-12, the club is one of the largest and most active in the Cincinnati area. Attendance at all Latin Club events is voluntary, so students can participate as their extracurricular and academic schedules allow. During after-school sessions, students discuss a variety of topics including mythology, classical culture, history, derivatives and advanced language study. Latin Club officers meet weekly to plan activities such as a movie/pizza night, toga bowling and community service projects.

Celebration of the Classics is an annual academic event which gives students an opportunity to connect with a major work of literature from classic civilization. The event includes art projects, presentations, academic tests and a Jeopardy-style competition called Certamen. Participation in these events help prepare students for similar competitions held at annual state and national conventions.

Certamen is a Latin word meaning “competition.” Students participate as teams to answer questions encompassing all aspects of the classical world. The Summit has hosted a Certamen competition for Cincinnati schools for more than two decades. Top students can earn spots on Certamen teams at the state competition in March and the national competition in the summer. The Summit Latin program has a tradition of excellence in Certamen, with numerous state championships and with Summit students on five national Certamen championship teams from Ohio. Students who excel at Certamen usually participate in the Latin Club after school where they expand their knowledge of the classical world to prepare for competition.

National exams throughout the year offer ribbons, certificates, medals and sometimes cash awards for top scorers. Summit graduates who have demonstrated continued excellence on these exams and competitions have been awarded scholarships by the National Junior Classical League and the National Latin Exam. Among these national exams are: National Mythology Exam, Medusa Mythology Exam, National Latin Exam, National Greek Exam (seniors only), National Classical Etymology Exam, National Roman Civilization Exam, National Latin Vocabulary Exam, “Classical Association of Middle and Western States” Sight Translation Contest (AP students only) and Classical Literacy Exam.

The Latin Honor Society is an honorary organization for students who have exhibited excellence in the study of the Latin language. The annual induction ceremony is in May. Students in the Latin Honor Society must maintain an “A” average in Latin through the first three quarters, demonstrate dedication and enthusiasm for the language and participate in at least four events sponsored by the Latin Club.

The Ohio Junior Classical League Convention is held annually in March, attracting over 500 Latin students from across Ohio. Typically, about 30-40 Summit Latin students attend the weekend event in Columbus. The convention is devoted to fun activities and competitions involving the study of the Latin language. The event provides an opportunity for students to earn awards in academics, graphic arts, and performance arts. They also have an opportunity to meet other students their age from around the state.

The National Junior Classical League Convention is held annually every July on a college campus around the country. The Summit organizes a group of students who travel together to this event.