Orff Music

We believe in tapping into your child's natural instinct to make music through play.

 In The Summit's Montessori School, we subscribe to the “Orff Approach" to early childhood music education. It's based on the late German composer Carl Orff's belief in the importance of rhythm and movement.  

 In the Orff classroom, the teacher acts like a conductor, giving cues to an eager orchestra. Children in the group sing, chant, dance, act, move and play percussion instruments.  Through play, your child will learn about rhythm, melody, harmony, texture and form.   Our hands-on, holistic approach fosters listening and participation skills. It also teaches the fundamentals of performance, reading, writing and composition.   

“Tell me, I forget,” Orff once said. “Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand.”   Children learn by doing. In our music classes, your child will learn to keep a steady beat, to find their singing voice, to move to music and to celebrate the world's diversity.  

 These concepts will be a springboard for your child. We believe this approach – allowing kids do what they do instinctively – encourages imitation, experimentation and personal expression. We want your child to become a confident, life-long music lover and problem solver. We'll encourage further creative pursuits, such as improvisation and music composition.  

Application Process

Because we have limited space and our application pool is quite competitive, we recommend completing the application process early. 18-month-old toddler candidates must be 18 months old by September 30 of the year they enter the program.

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We are teaching skills that grow beyond the music. Our approach focuses on releasing creativity in every learner. Your child will learn concepts they can carry on to the rest of life..