Schiff Family Science Research Institute

Our students don't have to wait until college or graduate school to find out what its like to work in the  real world. At The Summit, authentic research with industry professionals happens during high school.  

 Our Science Research Institute (SRI) is unique to Cincinnati. Biochemist Jessica Sakash Replogle, Ph.D., leads the program through three sequentially tiered classes and work in research labs. She builds on the foundation of Middle and Upper School science courses to give students a head start when it comes to scientific literacy and laboratory experience.  College professors have remarked at how well prepared these institute students are in operating in a higher education laboratory setting.  

Jessica Sakash Replogle, Ph.D. is the head of the Schiff Family Science Research Institute. Dr. Replogle received a doctorate in biochemistry from Boston College and bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from University of New Hampshire. She has been published in numerous professional, scientific journals from her work at Boston College and Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. 

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