Social Skills

At The Summit, there is no more foundational premise than this: God created us to be social beings – to live in relation and in community with others.   

At their earliest age, our students are provided ample opportunities to foster relationships. Through modeling by classroom teachers and seizing teachable moments, foundations are formed on which to build ongoing interpersonal relationships.  

We intentionally teach a set of social skills by grade and then provide ample opportunities for students to practice them through their clubs, organizations, athletic teams and leadership opportunities. As their social-emotional acuity grows, our students learn how to network with the world around them, capitalizing on the wisdom of people both inside and outside of The Summit’s walls. These high-quality interactions and experiences foster growth in grace and wisdom as our  students  value and work to improve the world they inherit.  

Never before has the development of social skills been more important than it is today. Why is our school so successful in this discipline? Because we’ve used the last 130 years of our existence perfecting our technique. Our foundresses knew the grace of God and they took seriously forming young people who will exhibit that in the world.