Student-Led Conferences

We believe that growing independent learners who are taking more and more responsibility for their learning also develops them as leaders.

When was the last time you participated in intentional and structured conversations intended to facilitate accountability?  In the professional world, these conversations are often called Accountability Meetings. In the Lower School we call them Student-Led Conferences.  

Students in the Lower School meet annually with their parents to demonstrate their progress and identify their perceived areas of strength and areas for needed growth. The conference emphasizes responsibility for learning, independence, presentation and relationships.   

In preparation for these sessions, our students engage in guided reflections facilitated by their teachers. They organize their thoughts and work. They decide how to visually present their learning. They sharpen their presentation skills as they prepare to share their learning goals with their parents and teachers.   

The result? Empowered students who can not only articulate where they have grown but can also share their plan for further growth and development physically, socially, artistically, spiritually and academically.   

We are a five-pillar school. We celebrate our five-pillar students.