Tailored Instruction

The gift of The Summit education is that each child is known, understood and loved.   

When contemplating student learning, our teachers ask themselves, “What is in the best interest of each student?”  What we know is that there are traditional approaches to learning that our students need to master. The gift of The Summit education is that we individualize our instruction in ways that challenge students to develop the specific skills they need for success.    

At  The  Summit, rich learning materials surround our students. Our Montessori students are making choices daily regarding how they are going to spend their time. Under the careful guidance of their classroom teacher, they pull materials off the shelves and engage in their “work” with natural curiosity and self-directed learning.  

In our Lower School students are steeped in our Conceptual Math Program, Five Star Reading Program and Writers Workshop. Through these tools we provide our guaranteed curriculum to each child.  These tools coupled with pre-tests and post-tests allow us to tailor student work according to their individual needs. 

In the Middle School we continue to build on those foundations, differentiating lessons in our classrooms while also enjoying the freedom of accelerating students according to their ability. 

This opportunity continues in our Upper School as students choose College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement courses according to their abilities in the different disciplines.  Having the right courses available along the way means that we can tailor The Summit experience for each child.