Toddler Classrooms

We believe in the infinite potential of each child.

We are one of the few schools in Greater Cincinnati that offer a Montessori experience for toddlers 18- to 36 months.  Our time-tested method, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, nurtures your toddler's innate curiosity.  

 Our university-trained Montessori teachers encourage learning through play. We foster growth in four main areas: control, independence, concentration and order.   From the moment your child enters our classrooms, they'll find rooms sized with kids their size in mind. We offer a peaceful and uncluttered environment where children are free to ask questions, do challenging work and solve problems.   We'll help your toddler reach the developmental milestones you expect — from vocabulary to motor skills.  

 By the time your toddler is 24- to 36-months-old, they’ll probably be starting to speak in short sentences. As they master more language, they will express a wider range of emotions. By the time your child turns  3, you can expect more logical thinking and the ability to follow more complex directions.   You'll see progress quickly. Many older toddlers are able to draw a circle and a straight line, count, match and pre-read.  

 We also focus on three primary developmental needs: movement, language and order. Activities for those skills include outdoor play, singing, rhyming and stories, as well as teaching about predictability, control and routine.  

 We also pride ourselves on being citizens of the world. Your toddler will hear music, world languages and engage with playmates from diverse backgrounds.   

This is the beginning of a journey we hope we will share with you throughout your child’s school years. We are building fearless thinkers of tomorrow.  

Application Process

Because we have limited space and our application pool is quite competitive, we recommend completing the application process early. 18-month-old toddler candidates must be 18 months old by September 30 of the year they enter the program.

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Neuroscience research tells us that the human brain is most receptive to learning between birth and age 3. The neuropathways that are open at this age provide a direct connection to how children  will learn as they grow older.