Student Life

“To whom much is given, much is expected.” (Luke 12:48)

Student Life at The Summit includes a variety of activities and experiences. All Upper School students have the opportunity and are encouraged to initiate, develop, facilitate, and evaluate activities, clubs, programs and events.

Leadership Teams

Our Upper School Student Leadership Program includes faculty and staff moderators working together with students in teams that provide programming with the intension to advance The Summit’s mission and Upper School themes. Students learn and practice effective character-based leadership skills. The program empowers students across all grades to involve themselves as leaders in our community.

A Leadership Team is a student group that participates in providing student-led programming for the Upper School. The Teams are responsible and/or involved in many areas of student affairs including, but not limited to, school spirit, activities, assemblies, student communications, service, liturgy, leadership, and educating the community on the theme of the Upper School. Each team has adult moderators. Representatives from each team work collaboratively as a Student Leadership Board.


Summit culture encourages students to explore new interests. We want all students find something that interests them, and if not, we encourage our students to start something new. Clubs are student-led across various interest areas including academics, service, music and theater, current and world events, recreation and technology. Because our clubs are student-led, they vary from year-to-year. Here is a list of some of the clubs we've had in recent years: Academic Team, Admissions Helpers, Biology (NABT) Club, Business Club, Chinese Club, Current Events Club, Diversity and Inclusion, Drama Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Hope Squad, Ignite,  -Insight (student newspaper), Investments Club, K-Pop Club, Key Club, Latin Club, Liturgical Ensemble, Math Club, Medical Professionals Club, Military Appreciation Club, Music Club, Paddle Tennis Club, Painting Smiles, Paladin Knights, Pep Band, Pep Club, Robotics Club, Ski Club, Spanish Club, Stage Crew Club, Table Tennis Club, Tender Mercies, Wii Club, Writer’s Club and Yoga Club.