The admission process at The Summit is about much more than just interviews and forms. It’s about taking the time to really get to know our prospective students and their families.

It’s about working carefully to shape a student body that represents a broad range of socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnic cultures, and religious affiliations.

It’s about gaining a sense of each potential student’s ability to excel academically in a rigorous environment, and discovering the special spark that will enable him or her to shine here.

The Office of Admission at The Summit prides itself on giving families the attention, responsiveness, and care they deserve. 

To that end, we’ve brought together online materials that will help you complete the admission process as efficiently as possible. Most important, we’ve given you the chance to hear our students’ voices; there’s no better introduction to our school.

We hope these resources prove helpful, and look forward to sharing more information about The Summit’s admission process with you via email, on the phone, or in person.

Kelley Schiess
Assistant Head of School for
Enrollment Management and Special Projects