Aspire Family Plan

As the cost of financing a private school education continues to increase, many parents with young children are concerned about applying to an independent school. The Summit understands this concern and has approved a new affordability initiative, The Aspire Family Plan, for families in Kindergarten through grade eight.  At the heart of this initiative is our mission as a family school and the need to continue to provide access to middle income families.

As a Catholic, independent school, with a Notre Dame tradition, we want to stay true to the goals of our founding Sisters and make a Summit education available to a broad spectrum of mission-appropriate families. The Aspire Family Plan allows families to apply for assistance with tuition, as opposed to applying for an individual “grant” or “award.” The Aspire Family Plan level for each family is guided by our mission, available space in the grade level, the needs of our families, and the budget of the school. Not all families who apply for the Aspire Family Plan may qualify. Budget and capacity limitations may prevent the school from awarding Aspire Family Plan assistance to some deserving families.

Who is eligible to apply for the Aspire Family Plan?

Prospective families who have been accepted for admission to Kindergarten through grade eight who have a concern about financing an independent school education and do not feel the need based financial aid process is accessible to their particular family situation, are eligible to apply. We appreciate the needs and financial stresses of families who have multiple children and will pay particular attention to those families who are seeking independent school education at The Summit.

Families considered for the Aspire Family Plan must demonstrate a belief and value of investing in an independent school education for their children through difficult choices and sacrifices in order to maximize their contribution toward tuition. Utilizing the School and Student Services (SSS) of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), we are able to judiciously look at a family's financial situation, understanding that there are numerous variables affecting each family's unique financial position. Our Aspire Family Plan is designed to help make independent education a reality for children of middle income families.

What is the application deadline of applying for the Aspire Family Fund?

Families who are interested in applying for the Aspire Family Plan and are new to The Summit must submit the Parent’s Financial Statement, PFS, through NAIS with a priority deadline of May 1. Current Families currently attending The Summit and interested in applying for the Aspire Family Plan must do so by Jan.12. To apply for the Aspire Family Plan, ALL families must complete and submit the Parent's Financial Statement through the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) at The 2015 IRS tax return will be required upon submission of the application. A 2016 IRS tax return will be required by May 2, for verification of income. Aspire Family Plan assistance is contingent upon receipt and verification of this information.

Please contact Kelley Schiess, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management and Special Projects via email or 513-871-4700, ext. 207 for additional information regarding the Aspire Family Plan.