Expatriate Families

Welcome, international students and families, to the diverse community that makes up The Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati. We invite you to explore our school -- here on the website or to visit our campus for a private tour. We are proud of our multicultural heritage and want to show you why so many families looking for an international school have chosen to bring their children here. This is also the place where many international students wishing to study abroad choose to continue their education.

Our international parents often say The Summit feels like an international school because their children feel at home here where the faculty and other students value diversity.

Having lived abroad for six years myself, I know the concerns parents may have about how their children will settle into a new school in a foreign land or after returning home from living abroad. Our faculty is very familiar with the issues expatriate parents and children have, since they have had so much experience working through these issues with the many international families we embrace each year.

Our extensive Advanced Placement program and record of producing National Merit scholars attracts many such families. From the two and three year olds up through high school seniors, we seek to know, understand, and love each and every child, just as the Belgian expatriate nuns prescribed when they started this school in 1890. We are considered the crown jewel of Catholic education in Cincinnati.

Rich Wilson
Head of School

Meet Some Families

Philippine Flag

The Delamerceds

Originally from the Philippines, the Delamerced family includes
Amador Delamerced, M.D., F.A.C.P., Victoria, M.D., Anna '12, Amador '14 and Joseph '18.

UK Flag

The Domvilles

Originally from the United Kingdom, the Domville family includes Sara and Nicholas, Tristan '13, Rupert ’15, Humphrey ’21 and Benedict '25.

Mexican Flag

The Garciamendezes

Originally from Mexico, the Garciamendez family arrived in Cincinnati by way of Venezuela and Puerto Rico. They include Ezio, Cristina, Cristy and Carlos '14.