What Students Say About The Summit

Choosing a high school is a very big decision.  At The Summit,  whether you're a scholar, athlete, artist, scientist or a musician, there is a place for you.  Our students come from more than 40 different grade schools and 70 zip codes. Hear what some of them are saying about their high school experience.

Natalie Pearl Vimeo Video

Natalie Pearl '15
Visual Arts

Maverick Thurston Vimeo Video

Maverick Thurston '15
Performing Arts

Maggie Fisk Vimeo Video

Maggie Fisk '16

Davi Laney Vimeo Video

Davi Laney '16

Jackson McKeever Vimeo Video

Jackson McKeever '16
Coeducation Advantage

Hannah Pilon Vimeo Video

Hannah Pilon '17
Advisement Program

Rachel Stines Vimeo Video

Rachel Stines '16

Juliana Overbey Vimeo Video

Juliana Overbey '15
College Counseling

Omar Khoury Vimeo Video

Omar Khoury '15
Diversity and Leadership

Sammy Hunt Vimeo Video

Sammy Hunt '15
Science Research Institute

Philip McHugh Vimeo Video

Philip McHugh '15
Faith Formation

Brooks Taylor Vimeo Video

Brooks Taylor '15

Nathan Whitsett Vimeo Video

Nathan Whitsett '15
Science Research institute

Olivia Northrop Vimeo Video

Olivia Northrop '16
Coeducation Advantage

Michael Hudson Vimeo Video

Michael Hudson '17

Emily Walton Vimeo Video

Emily Walton '15

Ravin Alexander Vimeo Video

Ravin Alexander '18

Emily Wiser Vimeo Video

Emily Wiser '15

Brooke Taylor Vimeo Video

Brooke Taylor '17
Transitioning from Public to Private School