Alumni Awards

The Summit Alumni Awards were established to honor alumni who carry out the mission of The Summit – to develop spiritually, academically, physically, socially and artistically, and to become people of character who value and improve the world they inherit. To nominate an outstanding alumnus or alumna today, click here.

The McKenzie-Sargent Distinguished Alumni Award

Named in honor of our first two alumnae, Anna McKenzie and Olive Sargent, Class of 1893, it is The Summit’s highest honor given to alumni. The award is presented annually to an alumna/us of the Upper School or The Summit Boys School (through 1971) for his or her achievements in career, community volunteer leadership and/or service to The Summit. All graduates of The Summit are eligible for nomination, except those currently serving on The Summit Country Day School Board of Trustees or Summit Alumni Association Board.

Head of School Rich Wilson presents C. Bert Amann Jr. SBS '45 with the McKenzie-Sargent Distinguished Alumni Award Sept. 5, 2018. Read more about Mr. Amann here.

The following awards were established in 2005. It is important to note these honors are not necessarily presented annually but are conferred based upon merit. To nominate an outstanding alumnus or alumna today, click here.

The following awards were established in 2005. It is important to note these honors are not necessarily presented annually but are conferred based upon merit. To nominate an outstanding alumnus or alumna today, click here.

The Meritorious Service Award: The Meritorious Service Award is granted to a Summit graduate or former student for specific and meritorious service to The Summit, the community, state or nation.

The Young Alumni Award: The Young Alumni Award is given to an Alumna/us who has graduated during the last 20 years. It is awarded for significant accomplishments in business or professional life or for service to the community or The Summit and/or The Summit Alumni Association.

The Artistic Achievement Award: The Artistic Achievement Award is given to an Alumna/us in recognition of their significant contributions to the world of art.

The Spiritual-Christian Award: The Spiritual-Christian Service Award is given to a Summit Alumna/us who has devoted their life in service to others, who affirms the fullness and complexity of human existence, who appreciates social justice and who brings about changes that make it more possible to live The Summit ideal in contemporary society.

The Honorary Family Award: The Honorary Family Award is given to a dedicated Summit legacy family for their outstanding support of The Summit Country Day School and its values, ideas and mission.

Alumni Award Winners

McKenzie-Sargent Distinguished Alumni Award
C. Bert Amann Jr.  SBS ’45
2017 Patricia (Tyler) Perin '45 
2015 Walter "Chip" Homan SBS '66
2014 Ruth Jung Conway '46
2013 William T. Baumann SBS '59
2012 Peggy Feltrup Becker-Jackson ’49
2011 Hon. Julia A. Stautberg ’85
2010 Edward F. “Hap” Castleberry SBS ’46
2009 Mary Foss Brinkmeyer
2008 Albert E. Heekin SBS ’54
2007 H. Nicholas Ragland III SBS ‘58
2006 Sharon Williams Frisbie ‘69
2005 Award not given
2004 Nancy Stone Black ‘57
2003 Gabrielle Bouscaren Reynolds ‘66
2002 Raymond E. Schilderink SBS ‘64
2001 Hon. Timothy S. Hogan SBS ‘55
2000 Robert L. Greiwe SBS ‘46
1999 Thomas C. Theobald SBS '50
1998 Christine L. Blum '69
1997 Lawrence H. Kyte, Jr. SBS '52
1996 Sister Agnes Immaculata Guswiler,
  SNDdeN '16
1995 Dr. Cora Glassmeyer Ogle '61
1994 Robert A. Ryan SBS '26
1993 Dr. Joan Seifert Brugge '67
1992 Mary Lois Jung, M.D. '45
1991 Frederick B. Rentschler SBS '53
1990 Peggy Henkel Schott '42
1989 Gov. John J. Gilligan SBS '35
1988 William J. SBS '29 and Helen DeCourcy
  Williams '38
1987 Rev. Michael D. McCafferty C.S.C. SBS '60
1986 Rev. Edward F. Brockhaus SBS '52
1985 Dr. Charles M. Barrett SBS '26
1984 Rose Ann Fleming, S.N.D. '50
1983 Marjorie DuBrul Shiels '31

Spiritual-Christian Service Award
2014 Fr. Marc Soellner '99
2013 Daniel Petrie '03
2012 Mike Dreyer '91
2011 Jerry Hilton '91

Meritorious Service Award
Liz (Glassmeyer) Spahr '70
2013 Andy Huesing '89
2012 Joe Kroeger '97
2011 Allison (Weber) Erickson '88
2010 Dave Hickenlooper '85
2009 Kara (Luttenegger) Valz '88;
         Joe Ventura SBS '65
2008 Jane (Buse) Burke '70
2007 Kathryn (Stahl) Harsh '84
2006 Kathy (Pohl) Wagner
2005 Grace Gottenbush '85

Young Alumni
Craig Erickson '95
2013 Lindsay Botsford '98
2012 Alicia Bond-Lewis '97
2011 Lauren (Brinkmeyer) Goebel '96;
         Trenita (Brookshire) Childers '01
2010 Osagie Obasogie '95
2009 Dan Reynolds '02
2008 Caitlin (Wills) Toker '88
2007 Tracy "Ty" Moore '02
2006 David Falk '94
2005 Christopher Kenney '94

Artistic Achievement
2014 Gavin Tabone '92
2013 Harry Moeller '88
2012 Dave Wachter '94
2010 J. Noah Hunt '88
Spencer Vanderzee '05  
2008 Che' Rhodes BMS '87

Honorary Family Award
2014 LaBar Family
2013 Seltman & Friesz Families
2012 Walter Family
2011 Fullen Family
2010 Pohl Family
2009 Baluyot Family
2008 Lippert Family
2007 Rohde Family