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Alumni are the best ambassadors for The Summit. There are many ways that you can contribute to the advancement of the school in meaningful ways. You can easily make an impact by giving your time, talent or treasure to the institution that helped prepare you for your successes in life. Take a look at all of the ways that you can help.

Alumni Board

The mission of the Alumni Board is to foster a life-long relationship between The Summit Country Day School and its alumni. The Alumni Association’s guiding principles are to strengthen the spirit of loyalty and community among alumni, support the strategic initiatives of The Summit, promote a sense of Summit pride among all graduates and recruit alumni to actively promote and support The Summit through its development effort. If you would like to apply to sit on The Summit Alumni Board, please fill out this online application. The board considers applications each year in the spring. If your application is being considered, you will hear from a board member during their review process int he spring.

Alumni Board Committees

The Summit Alumni Board is working hard to propel the school forward into a new era of alumni engagement. In order to do this, we need your help. Like many great educational institutions, alumni play an integral role in shaping the future of their alma mater. Today, we need your time, talent and treasure to help strengthen our alumni network. Please consider joining one of our Summit Alumni Board Committees listed below and fill out the committee interest form. Alumni are welcome to join the committees throughout the year. The committee chair will contact you with the next meeting date and/or provide more information about how you can help us move the needle forward.

Philanthropy Committee: Focus on identifying ways to encourage fellow alumni to give back to The Summit. 
Engagement Committee: Focus on how we can create better events (big or small, experiences and communications that are more relevant to our alumni.
Career Development Committee: Focus on enhancing and promoting opportunities for alumni to connect to students and recent graduates regarding career development. Our two existing initiatives include the upper school career day and the senior search projects.  
Admissions: Focus on promoting the school to alumni, co-workers, neighbors and friends with children. Help identify ways that we can feed the pipeline of applicants to the Admissions Office and promote out programs, scholarships and financial aid opportunities to our alumni and friends.  

If you would like to learn more about Alumni Board, please email Mark Osborne or call 513-871-4700 ext. 240. 

Class Agents

Class agents play a very important role for the Summit Alumni Association. They are the glue that keeps their class connected to both the school and to one another. They help promote their class reunions, send in class notes for the magazine, and share news about the summit throughout the years. 

If you would like to learn more about this volunteer role, please email or call Mark Osborne at 513-871-4700 ext. 240. 

*A Class Agent could also act as a Reunion Chair or partner with a Reunion Chair to plan events on their reunion year.

Reunion Chairs

Reunion Chairs are asked to champion the gathering(s) of their class during their reunion years. They are asked to contact everyone from their graduating class and begin a dialog with them about when, where and how they want to host their reunion event.  The Alumni Office will supply them with a contact sheet, example events and programming, timelines, a party planning kit, as well as advice on how to make their entire year special for their peers. 

If you would like to learn more about this volunteer role, please email Mark Osborne or call 513-871-4700 ext. 240. 

Alumni Senior Search Mentor

Are you in the Cincinnati area? Do you have the ability to take on a Summit student as an intern for a short period of time this spring? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

We are expanding The Summit’s annual Senior Search initiative to include those in our local Cincinnati Summit Alumni Network. Able and interested alumni will be added to a list of parents and other Summit community members willing to take on a student shadow or intern for two and a half weeks in the spring. Students are provided with a menu-like list of shadow opportunities and can reach out to a potential mentor to discuss possible project ideas and/or secure their Senior Search commitment.

Learn more about this important initiative, mentor time committments and expectations click here.

To register as an Alumni Senior Search Mentor, click here.

Uknighted Helping Hands

Would you love to volunteer but your schedule changes frequently? Sign up and we’ll call you whenever a project arises that needs an extra pair of hands. There’s no obligation; help when you can.

Volunteer projects could range from sending notes of gratitude, sympathy, or congratulations to summit community members, helping to spread a message through your network and to your peers, playing a role in planning an event, hosting an event, sitting on a panel discussion for a class or group or alumni, and more.   

If you would like to learn more about this volunteer role, please email Mark Osborne or call 513-871-4700 ext. 240. 

Coach at The Summit

Are you interested in coaching an athletic team or helping on the sidelines?  We love to have our alumni come back and volunteer their time and talent to coach our rising star athletes. To see the full listing of Summit sports and to find contact information, visit the Athletic Department online. 

Update your contact information

You may think this is an obvious step, but we constantly need to update our alumni contact information.  We are only as accurate as the information that comes directly to us. Do you have a new job?  Did you just move? Are you using a new email address? Please help us stay in contact with you throughout the year. 

Update your contact information here.

Offer your testimonial

Believe it or not, sharing your experience at The Summit and how it shaped your life (personally and/or professionally) can impact other members of The Summit Community. 

To current students, it can tell a story of where they could go and who they could become as a result of their time spent here. To prospective families, it can showcase the top notch education and character development that the school provides. To fellow alumni, it can foster a sense of pride in their alma mater. 

Your story can do so much good and impact many lives. Please fill out the form below to be featured on the Summit’s Alumni Testimonials webpage.

To see examples, please visit our Alumni testimonial pages