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Young alumni rated these aspects of college search higher than their peers in benchmark independent schools.

Young Alumni Satisfaction

From 2013-2016, 382 seniors graduated from The Summit. All of them were accepted into colleges and universities across the United States and abroad. As a group, they received $72.39 million in scholarship offers, including 66 full-tuition scholarships. Every four years, we survey young alumni to measure the effectiveness of our academic program and how well we prepare our graduates for college and life beyond as compared with other schools surveyed by the National Association of Independent Schools. Our survey of these alumni reflect how vital faculty/student relationships are at The Summit and the strength of academics, athletics and extra-curriculars. Below are significant findings from the survey. But don't take our word for it. To the right, listen to what some of our young alumni have to say.

Most Valuable Aspects of The Summit

Young alumni rated these skills higher than their peers at benchmark independent schools. .

Young alumni rated these skills garnered at The Summit higher than their peers at benchmark independent schools.

Young alumni rated these aspects of The Summit experience higher than benchmark independent schools


Nathan Whitsett '15
Science Research institute

Emily Walton '15

Omar Khoury '15
Diversity and Leadership

Michael Hudson '17

Natalie Pearl '15
Visual Arts

Philip McHugh '15
Faith Formation

Juliana Overbey '15
College Counseling

Brooks Taylor '15

Ravin Alexander '18

Jackson McKeever '16
Coeducation Advantage

Sammy Hunt '15
Science Research Institute

Davi Laney '16

Maggie Fisk '16

Maverick Thurston '15
Performing Arts

Olivia Northrop '16
Coeducation Advantage